Monday, 19 October 2015

Hooray, 20 Years of Hollyoaks.

I used to be really mad on my soaps before the kids came along, but now being a mom it was so hard to keep up to date with them all. Not many people know i'm huge Hollyoaks fan, it actually the only soap I now watch and I follow religiously. I remember watching Hollyoaks in my teens and I loved watching it as it appealed to my age range. They always seem to get the story lines on point. I've shed some tears though the years of watching, laughed some laughs and been truly gobsmacked sometimes too. You actually never know how it's going to plan out. 

This month is the anniversary of Hollyoaks and they have just hit the 20 year mark. There is a cool infographic below from Great British Bingo  with some facts on the show. 

I wanted to share some of my favorites from the show 

Favorite McQueen - I loved Carmel, she was such a ditzy character and I loved how funny she was.

Favorite Baddie- Brendon Brady was so good and I loved the softer storyline he did with Ste. I would love to see him return. 

Favorite Death Scene - Rhys at the wedding, but poor Jackie.

Favorite Storyline - There is so many strong story lines I loved with Hollyoaks, Nancy's addiction, Esters Bullying,  Calvin's Murder, Patrick & Maxine. Then the latest story line The blue glove killer.

Character I'm glad they killed off is Will S'avage - I hated his little smug face - Sorry Wii! 

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  1. I loved Brendan he was just the best character definitely want to see him back too