Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Halloween Party Pack From Party Bags And Supplies

We decided to to have a little Halloween party this year, so when I had the chance to bag some party supplies I jumped at the chance. I remember the last time my son had a party I spend over £20 on just toys for the party bags. We received a Halloween party pack which is for a party of 8 which included the following. 

8 Cups
8 Plates
16 Napkins
1 Tablecover
8 filled halloween bags of your choice. ( There is two choices ) 

Halloween Pre Filled Party Bags, no. 3 Includes: 1 x Neon Skeleton, 1 x Glow in the dark skull ring, 1 x Eraser, 1 x Plastic Eyeball, 1 x Zombie Eye Patch & 1 x Tattoo
Spooky Halloween Pre Filled Party Bag No. 7 Include: 1 x Spooky Sticker, 1 x Skeleton Noisemaker, 1 x Evil Eye Jet Ball, 1 x Spin Top, 1 x Halloween Tattoo & 1 foiled Chocolate Ghost.

The party pack has everything for setting up a party, the website has a massive range of different packs with lots of characters on, I was actually blown away with the amount of choice there is.  which are suitable for any themed party. You can also buy piƱatas,  banners and loads of different items to prepare for your party. The cups and plates are a good sturdy paper not like the cheaper ones which are flimsy and break once a drink or food are on them. The table cloth was a good wipe able cover perfect for mopping up spills. 

The set was good value priced at £28.00. 

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