Saturday, 31 October 2015

Look In My Letterbox.

Been totally lost this week with it being half term, I'm normally pretty organised when it comes to LIML and do the photos when they come. This week has been boxes and packets left everywhere after the postman has been. 


I'm doing the 7 day challenge with Slim fast. I'm hoping this might give me a head start and the kick I need. 


I won this from For All My Eternity - Shower gel & scrub it smells so nice. 


Pinkie Pie Styling Head 

Funko Custom Pop Vinyl 

Horror Block 

Monster High Outfit 

Alice Megan

Cookie Monster Pumpkin

Happy Halloween 

Normally the other half deals with the pumpkin carving, but this year I wanted to have a little go. My carving skills are pretty slim so I decided to do as minimal carving and paint instead. I loved the end effect and it was pretty easy to do.

What do you all think? 

Friday, 30 October 2015

Nintendo Box (Limited Edition) - EXCLUSIVE

Got to admit this is one of the best boxes we have had for a while. The value is great for what you got inside this limited box. As it was Mario's 30th birthday which was celebrated with the release of Mario Maker. 

Mario Classic Colours amiibo

8 Bit Mario Plush 

Mario "Breaking Bricks since 1985" T-Shirt (Large) 

30th Anniversary Pin 

Mario Red Hat 


Thursday, 29 October 2015

Lexie's Outfit Of The Day

Trendy Tot Thursday  (#TT_Thursday) is a great little link up, where you showcase something that your child has been wearing this week. If it's new or old anything goes. 

This weeks Trendy tot Thursday I thought was very app as its Halloween this week. I got Lexie's outfit last November and it was £4 from the Tesco sale. It's a zombie bride and comes with the dress and veil. I like this outfit as it has long sleeves. Quite a few Halloween outfits come with short sleeves and I always have to put a top underneath. 

I can't wait to paint her face for Saturday, she is really excited. 

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

What Makes Me Feel Like a Million Dollars?

Now and again we all need a bit of a pick-me-up, the kind of thing that instantly puts a smile on our faces and makes us feel special. For some people it's winning a game of bingo or on one of the popular new slot sites  on their tablets at lunchtime, for others it's the thought of going for dinner with a friend or loved one, and then there are the obvious splurges that we've resisted for so long but finally decide to treat ourselves too. Of course, there are then people who feel like a million dollars just because of a certain text message or a hug from their kids. 

I've always thought of myself as a simple soul, it doesn't take much to cheer me up and I'm very much a home comfort sort of person. I love messy mud face mask, brothers toffee apple cider and a good DVD. 

I try to take a step back when I'm feeling low to really look around me to see what I have got instead of dwelling on what I haven't.  I am most proud of my children, they pick me up when I am down. Raise a smile to my face when I have a frown and cheer me up without evening knowing it. They make me feel like a million dollar mum and I'm lucky I've been blessed twice with two healthy and happy children. 

What makes you feel like a million dollars? 

Sunday, 25 October 2015

DW Fitness Trick or Treat challenge - First Week Completed.

I signed up to do the DW Fitness Trick or Treat challenge so thee next thirteen days will be chock-full of gruelling challenges and virtuous treats, which are emailed to you every morning and its up to the ghouls of Halloween to decide my fate for each day. Check out what I got up to this week. 

Day 1 

Day 2 

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Still not well and battling  a chest infection so a nice clear flavored water for me.

Day 6 

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Look In My Letterbox.

As usual lots of lovely post for me this week, I've been so poorly this week with a chest infection so I've not been able to enter many competitions or really do much else.


Some Christmas goodies from Hotel chocolat 


£100 toys r us voucher from the Dream house competition. 

Pony Halloween DVD 

Cinderella Bracelet from lady Ella Doo 


Geek box 

Tsum Tsums for Lexie for Christmas

My Little pony hoodies 


Witch sample 

Alice Megan

Friday, 23 October 2015

My Geek Box - October

I think I'm really over subscription boxes now, last year My Geek Box was great and it's actually the thing what got me in to collecting Funko pops and subscription boxes. Lately I've been totally dissapointed with most of the boxes I've gotten it seems to be every other two I'm happy with. 

This years My Geek Box was really poor, I was expecting it to be one of the really good ones for October it being Halloween. 

The t-shirt was lazy with just a simple BOO on. 

Metal " This area has not been checked for zombies sign " 

Blood spattered tea towel 

Dracula puzzle 

Twisted dark volume one book 

Zombie sticker 

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Lexie's Outfit Of The Day

Trendy Tot Thursday  (#TT_Thursday) is a great little link up, where you showcase something that your child has been wearing this week. If it's new or old anything goes. 

Today's outfit is slightly mismatched as originally it was supposed to be the raccoon jumper dress and the stripy tights but Lexie wanted to wear the tutu.

The jumper dress has an H&M label in but I got it from a charity shop for £1.99. The tights are a three pack from M&S and the tutu was a bundle I got off eBay which cost £2.90 for four items. 
The ankle boots are from H&M too which I got in the sale at the start of the year. 

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Stuck For Ideas At Half Term Check Out Little House Of Science

Looking for something educational and to do in the half term to keep the little or big ones entertained, check out Little House of Science.

Little House of Science was founded by three ladies in London, two of them are mums, who saw the ever growing demand from children wanting to learn more about how the world works!  Children who love science and are inspired by it. They all share a great interest in science. community and share a passion for the sciences. The mummies wanted their own children  to explore and find answers to the questions about their world around them. such as how plants breathe, the universe, its galaxies and stars to name a few.

 The partners therefore felt it would be great to have a safe and fun environment for kids to learn about science and all the questions around it. An environment which is active, full of project based learning, hands-on and stimulating.

There principle is to ensure the kids go away with inspiration and enthusiasm about learning and wanting to know more about nature and the supportive facts. We would like to think of ourselves as creating or fostering the spark for the next generation of scientists, but the main aim is to provide a foundation for youngsters where after each session, they will have gone home knowing a little bit more about our wonderful world and how things work. Do ask us to join a free trial class or our sibling discounts.

The workshops and classes range from ages 6 months to 11 years, and very beneficial for children at a young age. 

They also do an educational franchise - Check out all the details about it here.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Hooray, 20 Years of Hollyoaks.

I used to be really mad on my soaps before the kids came along, but now being a mom it was so hard to keep up to date with them all. Not many people know i'm huge Hollyoaks fan, it actually the only soap I now watch and I follow religiously. I remember watching Hollyoaks in my teens and I loved watching it as it appealed to my age range. They always seem to get the story lines on point. I've shed some tears though the years of watching, laughed some laughs and been truly gobsmacked sometimes too. You actually never know how it's going to plan out. 

This month is the anniversary of Hollyoaks and they have just hit the 20 year mark. There is a cool infographic below from Great British Bingo  with some facts on the show. 

I wanted to share some of my favorites from the show 

Favorite McQueen - I loved Carmel, she was such a ditzy character and I loved how funny she was.

Favorite Baddie- Brendon Brady was so good and I loved the softer storyline he did with Ste. I would love to see him return. 

Favorite Death Scene - Rhys at the wedding, but poor Jackie.

Favorite Storyline - There is so many strong story lines I loved with Hollyoaks, Nancy's addiction, Esters Bullying,  Calvin's Murder, Patrick & Maxine. Then the latest story line The blue glove killer.

Character I'm glad they killed off is Will S'avage - I hated his little smug face - Sorry Wii! 

Sunday, 18 October 2015

My #HiddenGems Of Birmingham

I've been born and bred in Birmingham and it's such a great place to find hidden gems. Even living here for over 30 years I'm still finding great places to eat and go in the centre of Birmingham. 

I've been asked by Travelodge to write about a hidden gem in my city so I'm managed to narrow it down to two great restaurants that the food is totally incredible and if you are ever in Birmingham you should check it out and a place that is always been the heart of the city. 

I really couldn't do it his post without mentioning this place it's such a huge part of Birmingham.  Everyone should at least go to Cadbury World at least once, its one of the most famous things we have here in Birmingham. It's fun for all ages, there is learning about the history of chocolate you get a peek inside some of the factory and there is lots to see and do there. The school holidays there is normally extra activities involved too. 

If you are looking for an Indian Restaurant then Lasan is your place to go. I'm gonna put my hands up and stay I love Indian food, but I generally make it myself at home.  Lasan is very close to the Jewellery quarter it's literally a hop, skip and a jump. I have actually heard of Lasan before as i'm a huge Gordon Ramsey fan, I know he voted Lasan Best Local Restaurant in the UK in 2010. When he was touring with the F Word. Lasan also won the Asian Business Restaurant of the Year 2013. The restaurant itself it very charming, lovely decor and it's quite small and intimate. The staff are extremely friendly and the food is incredible. 

If you are looking for are looking for something rustic and chic then The Botanist is your place to go it's on Temple Street in the heart of Birmingham's city centre. The Botanist is also very famous for fantastic cocktails and it's also a cocktail bar plus a great place to eat. It's super child friendly too, so it's a place to take the kids which some fabulous presented dishes to get the children excited about there food. 
The place itself has a very rustic feel, buckets made in to lampshades and lots of other cool stuff dotted around. The staff was extremely friendly and great coming to and fro to the table. When arriving the kids was given a map and pencils to colour in to keep them entertained which they waited to eat which is always a great touch. The menu is impressive which lots to choose from.every child's meal that is sold 25p gosh to Birmingham's children's hospital. 

In collaboration with Travelodge