Friday, 4 September 2015

The Botanist Birmingham Review

I'm only just realizing how many child friendly places are in Birmingham for children to eat. We recently got to try out The Botanist  which is on Temple Street in the heart of Birmingham's city centre, for a special lunch. The Botanist is also very famous for fantastic cocktails, which I hope to try out when I'm little people free hehe. 

The place itself has a very rustic feel, buckets made in to lampshades and lots of other cool stuff dotted around. The staff was extremely friendly and great coming to and fro to the table. When arriving the kids was given a map and pencils to colour in to keep them entertained which they waited to eat which is always a great touch. 

The kids menu is short and sweet with four of kids favorites on there. All kids menus come with the choice of salad, beans or peas as an extra. Every children's meal sold 25p goes to Birmingham children's hospital. The presentation of the food is amazing and the kids absolutely loved it too. They really enjoyed their meals and was quite excited to try them out. 

The kids had mini burgers with seasoned chips & salad. The mini burgers was so cool, it came with a bucket of salad and a wheel barrow full of sauce. Such quirkiness instead if it being shoved on to a plate. 

Bangers and mash with baked beans. The bangers come hanging on a metal skewer with the mash and beans in a wooden bowl underneath, with a little bowl of gravy on top.

I had Malaysian chicken curry with basmati rice, I've never had a Malaysian curry before it was quite creamy packed with chicken, chilli and lots of vegetables. There was explosion of flavours and it tasted so good. The basmati rice was fluffy and tasted really good with the curry. It came on a wooden plate in a cute little bowl. 

The children's ice-cream was the best I have ever seem in a restaurant, it comes on a wooden tray with ginger crumbs, sprinkles and marshmallows to look like sand with a choice of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ice-cream in a little bucket. I actually really wanted one myself! 

Warm chocolate fudge cake with a scoop of ice-cream.

The children's menu the kids get a main and an ice-cream for £6.95 which is fantastic value. 


  1. We have one of these in Newcastle, but I've not got round to visiting yet. I didn't realise it was a chain, I thought it was just a one off place. Love the wheelbarrow of ketchup! x