Friday, 11 September 2015

Partylite Candles New Range

I have a slight obsession with candles, my other half says we could help the whole neighbourhood if we ever had a powercut. I like to light a candle on the night instead of having the light on. So when Partylite got in touch to review some candles from their new range I was delighted to try and test some new ones out. 

I'm a huge fan of quite overpowering candles, I love the place really smelling when I light a candle and the hint of it in the morning after the candle has been blown out. The Partylite candles came packed really well in a huge box, in their own individual boxes in a ton of packing peanuts. The amount of damaged candles I have received in the past because the sender hasn't packed and them well can be a huge pain, as most candles are now glass they break very easily   in transit. So I was glad Partylite take sending products well, it's a great start. My bug bear is cheap candles that burn fast and turn the jar black if you don't cut the wicks off often. 

The first candle is wild strawberry essential jar and it was my favourite, I do normally go for sweet smelling ones. I like the flared opening for a clean burn, the nice simple shape of the jar and how it's tapered so it uses the whole of the wax and none is left to waste. The scent is very sweet and uplifting. Plus it left the place smelling lovely for the whole night. Candle life is around 40-60 hours depending on how often you use it. Comes in over 30 fragrances to choose from. 

The next candle was Tamboti Safari nature's light. This candle has a twist as its a wooden wick. I've never saw one these before and I was slightly worried of how it was going to burn. It's burns in a triangle shape and as it quite thick it gives off a glowing flickering effect, plus you get a cracking wood burning sound too . The scent itself it very woody/musky, it actually reminds me off a men's aftershave. I loved the ribbed pattern glass design on the jar, it would be nice to recycle and use for something else once the candle has been used. Comes in six scents to choose from. 

The last candles was a trio of forbidden fantasy - Seduce, Desire and Tempt are the scents. Got to admit when they arrived and I took a whiff I wasn't keen it was only when I took them out I realised they are all different scents. They just don't smell to well in the box together. I've never had or gone for a black candle before but I think they actually look really nice and perfect for Halloween coming up too. The scents are nice and not too strong, i have been lighting one at a time to try all the scents out. 

Desire - Tantalising floral encounter of magnolia and jasmine forms a deep, lasting bond with black plums and currants.

Tempt -  Decadent obsession! Dark chocolate and cocoa bean captivate with a squeeze of sweet orange liqueur. 

Seduce -  Surrender to the bliss of blackberries and black currants wrapped in the warm embrace of spice, cedarwood and tobacco.

I loved trying out all the candles from Partylite and they are something that I would consider in future getting my candles from. 

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