Tuesday, 1 September 2015

My Superdry Festival Look.

I stumbled across this awesome competition over at The StyleRawr Blog  I've been a huge fan of Superdry since I can remember and although I won't be heading to a festival this year. I've put together if Superdry pimped me up, what I would choose. 

I'm quite casual so the top and shorts would be a great combo. The short have a pop of hidden colour which I love. Sunglasses incase summer wants to appear this year finally. A handy back back to keep the essentials like lipgloss, camera and hand-gel. This super cute boots would be perfect to dance in and love über cute.

No festival is complete without a T-Rex necklace from Ji Ji KiKi & a flower crown from Asos. 

Seriously how cool is this field candy watermelon tent, I would so love one of these. I would just camp in my backyard! Haha

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