Thursday, 24 September 2015

My Perfect Movie Night

Gone are the days where the weekends would be full of partying, waiting till the club lights come on at 6am. I'm now more of a hermit where I prefer costing up on the sofa with a film and some snacks! You can't beat a movie night, it's perfect as a treat for some me time or to have some family time with the kids. 

So the first item for a perfect night is a decent ( clean, no sticky fingerprints) TV check out this Panasonic Viera 4k TV .With some ultra cool features studio master drive for more accurate colour and smoother gradation at any brightness. Local dimming ultra, deep robust blacks with high contrast. Ultra bright panel with richer and more brilliant colour even in bright scenes. Studio master colour makes vividly colourful images from a wide colour gamut making watching a film feel like you are really there. 

Now time to get really comfy in this awesome retro Ghostbusters onesie from Truffle shuffle perfect for the cooler nights. 

I'm a bit of a horror buff so my film of choice ( not with the kids) would be Saw. I still love the uniqueness of the original film, it was pretty mind blowing and I think it will remain my top film for a while. 

If it gets too scary you can hide under this Supernatural blanket from Hot Topic, surely the Winchester boys will keep you safe. 

Don't forgot a popcorn treat with this retro mini popcorn maker, if you are anything like me that 9/10 burns the microwave popcorn then this would go down as a huge hit. 

What makes your perfect movie night?

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