Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Mermaid Wishlist

I have had so much fun doing wish-lists lately that I may start making them a monthly feature. I love online browsing and it doesn't take much at all to catch my eye. Here below is some of the goodies that I found that was mermaid style. I'm quite addicted to things mermaid as when I was younger that's what I wanted to be when I grew up & my favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid. 

14kt Gold Plated Little Mermaid Flounder Charm Necklace from Disney Couture. Flounder is my favorite character from the Disney Movie. 


Skinnydip mermaid across the body shell bag - This is the most stunning bag I have ever seen, love the shimmer and style. 

RRP £30.00 

Punkypins mermaid charm bracelet - I'm a massive fan of anything chunky and acrylic. I have always loved how bold acrylic is, so it this is something that I would totally wear day to day.  

RRP- £10.00

Kinship Of Oxford - I'm really A Mermaid Pink Shell Mermaid - This slogan just says it all, again the acrylic style just always catches my eye. 

1950s Style Mermaid Dress by British Retro - I love 1950s style dresses and the print on thi is just stunning, it's so beautiful. 

RRP- £77.00 

Shell Hair Grips - Love these cute little bright hair grips.


New Look - Lilac one day I''ll be a mermaid socks.

RRP- £1.99

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