Saturday, 19 September 2015

Look In My Letterbox.

Hi guys, I always have an exciting week! I've had a few wins turn up which I'm so excited about and some lovely review items. 

My first item is the dreaded red card. I decided to go shopping after work and came home to this... :-(


Godiva biscuits 

Tri-Blade spiral slicer spiralizer

Shopping list from Orchard games. 

Bundle from Careway to promote Autumn sun safety 


Disney Couture Mickey Mouse Earrings 

Three bundles from beauty and the bunch, which was from blog. 


Mermaid necklace, plus I got the earrings as a free gift for being honest as my first order actually went though as free instead of 20% off. 

Three walking dead funko zombies 

Alice Megan


  1. Gah, I hate red cards! Always when you think it's safe to pop out and then BAM!

    Those biscuits look yummy! Loving the Walking Dead Funkos too!

  2. I adore disney couture they have such beautiful jewellery such a fab win
    Thanks for linking up with #LIML

  3. omg i love everything! boo to the red card! ive wanted a spiralizer for a while now, must buy myself one!

  4. LOVE the Mickey Mouse ear-rings - how do you find the quality? I had a bracelet from Disney Couture and the clasp is a bit weak on it. x
    Obvs love your Pops! x