Sunday, 20 September 2015

LEGO Awesome Ideas Book Review

Over the holidays we had the LEGO awesome ideas book to test and and review. Raiden is a huge fan of LEGO, but he likes the boxes with sets, which you follow instructions to build the set. He struggles with just building things from the top of his head, so i new the book may widen his imagination with building different things. Plus give him his own ideas too, you can literally build anything with LEGO. 

The book is a big solid 200 page hardback book and it has tons of ideas in, the only problem is quite a few of the builds you need specific bricks for. Which aren't your everyday bricks or pieces. Not pieces you would get in a standard LEGO tub. A few examples are below of what I mean. 

I love how the book is an ideas book, rather than a step by step guide. Which means you can change and adapt your own imagination. The book is fantastic for any lover of LEGO, it's so durable and is never boring. As you can just break up the bricks and start something new. 

Check out this YouTube video of a The Boys and what they thought of the LEGO awesome ideas book.

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RRP- £16.99 

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