Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Disney Palace Pets Bright Eyes Plush Review

Lexie loves anything that is plush based, she always has to take at least one teddy to bed. She a huge fan of Disney Palace Pets and she has quite a few figures and loves the app on the IPad. So I knew when this opportunity came along to review the Disney Palace Pet from character toys she would be very fitting for the job. 

The plush has a light up eyes feature, that shows when the pet is awake or sleeping., she keen blinks too. If you pat the head it wakes the pet up, then she says cute Disney Princess Palace Pets phrases. The toy is a good size and isn't heavy to carry, I thought it might as the battery pack is inside the head. 

The plush comes with a removable necklace, which Lexie has been using as a bracelet and a shiny gold tiara, for the perfect Disney Princess Palace pet she is. Lexie liked the fluffy tail and hair the glittery ears and bow that just give it the sparkly princess feel. As you can see it didnt take long or Lexie to throw her Sleeping Beauty dress as as Dreamy is her pet. I hope they bring out some more of the pets in a plush feature as they would go down as a huge hit. 

Disney Palace Pets Bright Eyes Plush aimed at girls aged 4+

RRP- £29.99

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