Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Bananagrams Game Review.

We only play a select few board games, they don't seem to amuse the kids like they used to when I was small. I am slowly trying to improve this, we recently got sent the Bananagrams game to play together and test out. 

Bananagrams is an anagram game. The game comes in a banana shaped bag containing 144 tiles of letters and there are five monkey tiles, which you can use as any letter you wish. 

The game is  for 2+ players. For two players you pick out 21 tiles each turn them over and try and make as many words you can placing them in a crossword type arrangement.  This game required players to work independently of each other and at the same time. Once you have used all of your letters, you get another from the pile or if you want to swap a letter that you can’t use, you pick up 3 tiles instead.  We continued this until all of the tiles were used and the winner is player that had used all their letters in their own crossword-type grid first.

I personally would of never picked this up for the kids, I honestly would of said that it would of been left in the bag unused or the tiles everywhere, but I'm been really surprised. We haven't followed the rules to every last detail, but Raiden has enjoyed picking the letters and making words. I've been really surprised with he words he has produced and how really good his spelling is. It's a fun game to use to help with spelling and get your brain working, thinking of different words to use. 

RRP-  £14.99

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