Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Autumn Sun Safety

As Autumn looms and the kids spend less time outdoors does mean the sun still isn't a danger. I carry factor 50 sun lotion around with me all year round, due to my daughter having red hair, she easily burns and I want go make sure I'm protecting her from the sun. We tend to try and avoid the 11am-3pm times when the sun its at its strongest. The Suns harmful rays can cause damage all year around especially to sensitive young skin and over exposure during childhood can increase the likelihood of skin cancer later in life. 

Careway have put together some top tips for protecting little ones skin in the cooler seasons.

Preparation Is Key

Just because the sun may be hiding away, it doesn't mean that it can't still cause skin damage. While its common knowledge that sunscreen should be applied before going out in the sun. Some parents risk their child's safety by appealing products incorrectly. Using a high SPF (SPF50) with added UVA & UVB protection 15-30 minutes before going outside will keep children safe. Topping up every 2 hours and immediately after swimming, perspiring or towel drying. 

Be Shady 

Keep children out of direct sunlight and when sun is strongest ( 11am-3pm), stick to shady areas. Cover arms with a loose cotton t-shirt and hats and sunglasses. Even on overcast days UV Rays remain strong and still can cause damage.  Using a UV buddy bracelet, which changes colour when the sun is strong enough to require sunscreen, will ensure the call for protection is always answered. 

Keep Hydrated 

Always have a bottle of water to hand, children's favourite characters are good for getting children to drink regular,  avoid sugary drinks and use a slice of lemon/lime to flavour water for a refreshing change. use a lip protection balm to keep lips hydrated and soft.

Lead By a Example 

Don't forget to be a role model and apply some to yourself too, skin protection is important for everyone. 

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