Tuesday, 29 September 2015

A Secret To Beating The Stay-At-Home Stress

Life at home with little ones can be hectic, and any stay-at-home mum will have the odd moment when they feel they’re rushed off their feet and the thought of going to a ‘normal office job’ might seem like a vacation. But, overall, the majority of stay-at-home mums wouldn’t swap places for the world. It’s so great to be able to be there for your kids whenever they need you, to be able to meet them at the school or nursery gate and to take them to the park on the way home from school. If you were working a nine-to-six job, that simply wouldn’t be a possibility. 

However, being at home with young kids can be stressful, so it’s great if you’ve got a game that you can log in to help you unwind now and then. And a game like bingo is just perfect for when you want five minutes of downtime, without having to book a babysitter to achieve it! Choose your moments - when the kids are occupied with their favourite TV show, or having a nap - to have a little relaxation time yourself. 

There are so many different bingo sites such as bgo, Tidy Bingo or Comfy Bingo to play at, and many of them give great welcome bonuses to new players. If you sign up atbgo.com/bingowith just £10, you get an extra £40 to play with – that’s a 400% bonus! Other sites have similar offers and with most bingo games costing only pennies to play, that amount of bonus cash will give you plenty of entertainment value. 

For anyone who’s never played bingo, you may be wondering about the appeal. The great thing about bingo is that it’s a really simple game of chance – so it’s ideal for something to relax and unwind with. If you’ve felt hassled during the day, sitting down to a game of bingo can be almost meditative – until you come close to winning, that is! With the online game, the software puts in all the effort for the player – marking the numbers on your cards as they match the bingo calls. If you have a win, it’s logged automatically. So, if you have to leave the screen mid-game, you’ll still get your win. In fact, on many sites, it’s possible to pre-buy tickets for games you don’t want to miss, so even if you can’t sit down to play at the scheduled times, your cards will still be played for you. 

There are always plenty of free games on the bingo sites, too. It’s a way of rewarding regular players’ loyalty. We all like the idea of getting something for nothing, after all. Although they cost nothing to play, the free games have cash or other prizes attached to them and, even if you don’t win, you still have the fun of playing. 

Unlike some other online games, bingo has a real social element to it. That’s probably why it’s such a popular choice with stay-at-home mums. Although you might not have time for a long natter on the phone, you can dip in and out of a bingo chat room as you feel like it. There’s company there whenever you need it, but no obligation to stay if you’re too busy. You never know who you might meet in a bingo chat room, but the odds are that anyone who’s there will be up for a bit of a giggle and gossip while watching their cards progress – just like you. 

Next time you want something fun to do online to break up the daily routine, give online bingo a try!

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