Tuesday, 29 September 2015

A Secret To Beating The Stay-At-Home Stress

Life at home with little ones can be hectic, and any stay-at-home mum will have the odd moment when they feel they’re rushed off their feet and the thought of going to a ‘normal office job’ might seem like a vacation. But, overall, the majority of stay-at-home mums wouldn’t swap places for the world. It’s so great to be able to be there for your kids whenever they need you, to be able to meet them at the school or nursery gate and to take them to the park on the way home from school. If you were working a nine-to-six job, that simply wouldn’t be a possibility. 

However, being at home with young kids can be stressful, so it’s great if you’ve got a game that you can log in to help you unwind now and then. And a game like bingo is just perfect for when you want five minutes of downtime, without having to book a babysitter to achieve it! Choose your moments - when the kids are occupied with their favourite TV show, or having a nap - to have a little relaxation time yourself. 

There are so many different bingo sites such as bgo, Tidy Bingo or Comfy Bingo to play at, and many of them give great welcome bonuses to new players. If you sign up atbgo.com/bingowith just £10, you get an extra £40 to play with – that’s a 400% bonus! Other sites have similar offers and with most bingo games costing only pennies to play, that amount of bonus cash will give you plenty of entertainment value. 

For anyone who’s never played bingo, you may be wondering about the appeal. The great thing about bingo is that it’s a really simple game of chance – so it’s ideal for something to relax and unwind with. If you’ve felt hassled during the day, sitting down to a game of bingo can be almost meditative – until you come close to winning, that is! With the online game, the software puts in all the effort for the player – marking the numbers on your cards as they match the bingo calls. If you have a win, it’s logged automatically. So, if you have to leave the screen mid-game, you’ll still get your win. In fact, on many sites, it’s possible to pre-buy tickets for games you don’t want to miss, so even if you can’t sit down to play at the scheduled times, your cards will still be played for you. 

There are always plenty of free games on the bingo sites, too. It’s a way of rewarding regular players’ loyalty. We all like the idea of getting something for nothing, after all. Although they cost nothing to play, the free games have cash or other prizes attached to them and, even if you don’t win, you still have the fun of playing. 

Unlike some other online games, bingo has a real social element to it. That’s probably why it’s such a popular choice with stay-at-home mums. Although you might not have time for a long natter on the phone, you can dip in and out of a bingo chat room as you feel like it. There’s company there whenever you need it, but no obligation to stay if you’re too busy. You never know who you might meet in a bingo chat room, but the odds are that anyone who’s there will be up for a bit of a giggle and gossip while watching their cards progress – just like you. 

Next time you want something fun to do online to break up the daily routine, give online bingo a try!

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Look In My Letterbox.

I've had alot of parcels though the his week and I've had lots of wins turn up, these are always great for Christmas and make good stocking fillers. 


Palace Pet Bright Eyes Plush

New and improved recipe Jelly Juice


My little pony DVD

Queen of shadows book from life as a book addict blog

£50 One4all voucher from Zeal Buzz Blog

Swimshop goodies from Family Fever blog - Lexie will be chuffed when we go swimming.


My little pony build a bear - both came to £25.25 with postage. Putting these up for Lexie as a Christmas present.

Freddy & Regan Funko pop vinyls


Urban Decay mini mascara

Alice Megan

Friday, 25 September 2015

Lexie's H&M Haul

Trendy Tot Thursday  (#TT_Thursday) is a great little link up, where you showcase something that your child has been wearing this week. If it's new or old anything goes. 

I missed last weeks, I'm still trying to get in to a routine now that I'm working with to do better with my time and plan what posts I'm doing a few days before. This week is a haul post as I was browsing on H&M and they had a huge sale. Honestly I could of gone on and on with buying for Lexie, but as she is so fussy with her clothes I didn't want to buy something she wasn't going to wear. I didn't think it was bad for a total of £14.50. 

First up is the Frozen 6 pack hair accessories, we always need clips and bobbles as the disappear like magic. These was £2 for the pack.

The blue leopard print tutu was £3.00 

Long spotty maxi dress £2.00 

White leggings £1.50 and peplum pink top £2.00 

Zigzag trousers £4.00 and pink flower top £3.00

Thursday, 24 September 2015

My Perfect Movie Night

Gone are the days where the weekends would be full of partying, waiting till the club lights come on at 6am. I'm now more of a hermit where I prefer costing up on the sofa with a film and some snacks! You can't beat a movie night, it's perfect as a treat for some me time or to have some family time with the kids. 

So the first item for a perfect night is a decent ( clean, no sticky fingerprints) TV check out this Panasonic Viera 4k TV .With some ultra cool features studio master drive for more accurate colour and smoother gradation at any brightness. Local dimming ultra, deep robust blacks with high contrast. Ultra bright panel with richer and more brilliant colour even in bright scenes. Studio master colour makes vividly colourful images from a wide colour gamut making watching a film feel like you are really there. 

Now time to get really comfy in this awesome retro Ghostbusters onesie from Truffle shuffle perfect for the cooler nights. 

I'm a bit of a horror buff so my film of choice ( not with the kids) would be Saw. I still love the uniqueness of the original film, it was pretty mind blowing and I think it will remain my top film for a while. 

If it gets too scary you can hide under this Supernatural blanket from Hot Topic, surely the Winchester boys will keep you safe. 

Don't forgot a popcorn treat with this retro mini popcorn maker, if you are anything like me that 9/10 burns the microwave popcorn then this would go down as a huge hit. 

What makes your perfect movie night?

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Tech For A Better Nights Sleep

Check out the infographic below on how Tech can help you sleep. That doesn't mean cuddling the iPad at bed time, no, no!  I suffer from bad sleep and it wasn't until I got my Fitbit that I realized how many times I was restless in my sleep. It's quite a habit of checking my sleeping patterns now and how many times I wake up.

 I think it's pretty amazing and detailed on how you can keep on top of how much ( or little you sleep). 

"Infographic supplied by Adjustable beds

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Disney Palace Pets Bright Eyes Plush Review

Lexie loves anything that is plush based, she always has to take at least one teddy to bed. She a huge fan of Disney Palace Pets and she has quite a few figures and loves the app on the IPad. So I knew when this opportunity came along to review the Disney Palace Pet from character toys she would be very fitting for the job. 

The plush has a light up eyes feature, that shows when the pet is awake or sleeping., she keen blinks too. If you pat the head it wakes the pet up, then she says cute Disney Princess Palace Pets phrases. The toy is a good size and isn't heavy to carry, I thought it might as the battery pack is inside the head. 

The plush comes with a removable necklace, which Lexie has been using as a bracelet and a shiny gold tiara, for the perfect Disney Princess Palace pet she is. Lexie liked the fluffy tail and hair the glittery ears and bow that just give it the sparkly princess feel. As you can see it didnt take long or Lexie to throw her Sleeping Beauty dress as as Dreamy is her pet. I hope they bring out some more of the pets in a plush feature as they would go down as a huge hit. 

Disney Palace Pets Bright Eyes Plush aimed at girls aged 4+

RRP- £29.99

Sunday, 20 September 2015

LEGO Awesome Ideas Book Review

Over the holidays we had the LEGO awesome ideas book to test and and review. Raiden is a huge fan of LEGO, but he likes the boxes with sets, which you follow instructions to build the set. He struggles with just building things from the top of his head, so i new the book may widen his imagination with building different things. Plus give him his own ideas too, you can literally build anything with LEGO. 

The book is a big solid 200 page hardback book and it has tons of ideas in, the only problem is quite a few of the builds you need specific bricks for. Which aren't your everyday bricks or pieces. Not pieces you would get in a standard LEGO tub. A few examples are below of what I mean. 

I love how the book is an ideas book, rather than a step by step guide. Which means you can change and adapt your own imagination. The book is fantastic for any lover of LEGO, it's so durable and is never boring. As you can just break up the bricks and start something new. 

Check out this YouTube video of a The Boys and what they thought of the LEGO awesome ideas book.

Produced by Dorling Kindersley under licence from the LEGO Group©2015 The LEGO Group

RRP- £16.99 

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Look In My Letterbox.

Hi guys, I always have an exciting week! I've had a few wins turn up which I'm so excited about and some lovely review items. 

My first item is the dreaded red card. I decided to go shopping after work and came home to this... :-(


Godiva biscuits 

Tri-Blade spiral slicer spiralizer

Shopping list from Orchard games. 

Bundle from Careway to promote Autumn sun safety 


Disney Couture Mickey Mouse Earrings 

Three bundles from beauty and the bunch, which was from http://thoushaltnotcovet.net blog. 


Mermaid necklace, plus I got the earrings as a free gift for being honest as my first order actually went though as free instead of 20% off. 

Three walking dead funko zombies 

Alice Megan

Friday, 18 September 2015

Orchard Toys Shopping List Game Review

Orchard Toys have just relaunched a new version of their classic game of Shopping List 

Included is: 
2 shopping trolley game boards
2 shopping baskets game boards 
4 shopping lists
32 food product cards
1 instruction leaflet

Take it it turns to pick out a food item ( we used the box to pick them out). Check the shopping list to see if you need the item on your list. The first player to fill up their basket or trolley with the product items is the winner. Lexie had so much fun picking the items and finding them on the shopping list. 

The game encourages observation and memory skills. Develops personal and social skills and links up with early learning goals. Plus the national curriculum English key stage 1.

Orchard toys have also just launched a new Apple app which includes jigsaws, a matching pairs game and a shape and colour game - all featuring well-known Orchard Toys characters and suitable for children aged 4+. They have made sure the app is completely child safe, with no inapp purchasing available at any point.
See the apple store link here for more information.

Shopping Game RRP- £7.50 

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Autumn Sun Safety

As Autumn looms and the kids spend less time outdoors does mean the sun still isn't a danger. I carry factor 50 sun lotion around with me all year round, due to my daughter having red hair, she easily burns and I want go make sure I'm protecting her from the sun. We tend to try and avoid the 11am-3pm times when the sun its at its strongest. The Suns harmful rays can cause damage all year around especially to sensitive young skin and over exposure during childhood can increase the likelihood of skin cancer later in life. 

Careway have put together some top tips for protecting little ones skin in the cooler seasons.

Preparation Is Key

Just because the sun may be hiding away, it doesn't mean that it can't still cause skin damage. While its common knowledge that sunscreen should be applied before going out in the sun. Some parents risk their child's safety by appealing products incorrectly. Using a high SPF (SPF50) with added UVA & UVB protection 15-30 minutes before going outside will keep children safe. Topping up every 2 hours and immediately after swimming, perspiring or towel drying. 

Be Shady 

Keep children out of direct sunlight and when sun is strongest ( 11am-3pm), stick to shady areas. Cover arms with a loose cotton t-shirt and hats and sunglasses. Even on overcast days UV Rays remain strong and still can cause damage.  Using a UV buddy bracelet, which changes colour when the sun is strong enough to require sunscreen, will ensure the call for protection is always answered. 

Keep Hydrated 

Always have a bottle of water to hand, children's favourite characters are good for getting children to drink regular,  avoid sugary drinks and use a slice of lemon/lime to flavour water for a refreshing change. use a lip protection balm to keep lips hydrated and soft.

Lead By a Example 

Don't forget to be a role model and apply some to yourself too, skin protection is important for everyone. 

Monday, 14 September 2015

Back To School Refuel With Godiva Biscuits Review

Godiva have just launched a new collection of luxury biscuits, called the Sablés. Sablés – also known as a French butter cookie or Breton Biscuit – are the new creation from Godiva. 

There are four gorgeous flavours to choose from, with ingredients sourced from all across the world. 

Pecan Chocolate Chip
Almond  Speculoos 
Ultimate Chocolate 
Ginger Macademia

I am a huge biscuit fan so I was really excited to try out a new luxury biscuit, we got sent the Almond  Speculoos to try. The biscuits have a crumbly butter texture, with cinnamon and almond chunks topped with a dark Belgian chocolate. They are very moreish and a decent dunker for a tea ( my daughter is obsessed that she has to dunk a biscuit every time she has one).

I love the simple vintage balloon design on the box. The travel connotation is carried on through a hot air balloon design, conveying vintage, heritage and quality. 

The larger assortment box comes with the biscuits individually wrapped, keeping them fresh and making them easy for on the go. 

Individual boxes are £5.50 for 6 and the larger assortment of 18 are £15.