Thursday, 6 August 2015

What Has Lexie Been Wearing This Week

Trendy Tot Thursday  (#TT_Thursday) is a great little link up, where you showcase something that your child has been wearing this week. If it's new or old anything goes. 

Lexie's outfit this week is one of two. We went to Legoland on Thursday and Lexie wore her H&M pony dress. TU white cardigan, which has lovely lace detail on the bottom. Then her pink Clark's doodles pumps. 

Today she has on a reversible dressing up dress, this side she has on is Snow White, then the other side is Sleeping Beauty. We actually got given a massive black bag full of dressing up clothes about a year and a half ago. A women was giving them away for free, all the women wanted was them to go to a home that they would get loved and played with. Most of the dresses have been worn to death by Lexie but there is a few that have lasted. 


  1. Lovely outfits Lexie, Leah also wears all her dressing up clothes to death too! Hope you had a fab time at LEGOLAND #TT_Thursday

  2. 2 fab outfits!! Loving her cardigan especially #TT_Thursday