Monday, 24 August 2015

My Quirky Retro Accessory Wishlist

I really am a fan of retro pieces, I am pretty shy in my personally but I love bright, bold mad unique things. I've put together some items that are on my Wishlist at the moment that have caught my eye and I would love to own. 

Garden Party Doll Shoe Bracelet - $40.00

I love this simple idea of using fashion shoes to add on to a bracelet. The Garden Party Doll Shoe Bracelet is made using approximately 50-60 fashion shoes and strung on heavy-duty elastic cord. 

Space Invaders Earrings - £2.99 

Punky pins 80's gamer earrings, I think everyone remembers space invaders don't they. I love the adorable button earrings. 

Retro Gamer Shoulder Bag - £24.99 

This is fantastic and I remember a certain gaming device was all the rage when I was growing up. This spacious BagBoy is definitely a winner. 

White Chocolate Mouse Ring - £4.50

Love the quirky cute creamy-white mouse. This bring back some memories I used to get these in my pick a mix. Will just have to remember it's not edible.

Roller Disco Tatty Divine - £35.00

I loved the look of this necklace and I had a similar pair when I was small. I used to love my skates even if I wasn't good on them.

My Little Pony & Troll Necklace From Ivy Bell Designs - £12

I came across Ivy Bell Designs when a friend had liked and shared a competition post on their page. I'm a fan of the collar necklaces and have been for a while. There are lots of bold and bright designs to choose from. The page also takes on custom designs if you have an idea in mind. The My Little Pony is my favourite, plus Lexie is a huge pony fan. Then the troll one just reminds me of when I used to collect trolls in every size, shape and colour.

Care Bears Funshine Bracelet - £9.99

I love the retro rules website it has some fun and different designs on to remind you of your childhood. I love this retro handmade charm bracelet featuring my ultimate favourite Care Bear Funshine.

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