Saturday, 15 August 2015

My Dinosaur Wishlist

I did a post a few weeks back on a lovely Beware Of The Rex T-shirt from Tostadora you can read about it here. Which got me thinking and searching for some cool and quirky Dinosaur items.  I'm a huge dinosaur fan and have been for years I think it's slowly growing out of being a boys things which is great as girls can like dinosaurs too. I've put together a wish-list post of my finds, so I hope you enjoy this post.

My first item is another T-shirt from Tostadora, they have so much choice on there it's hard to pick just one out. I liked the funny, slogan on this.



This Triceratops dinosaur necklace, designed by designosaur and laser cut in lime green acrylic. Is a real head turner and a statement piece. I love Triceratops and it's nice to see something other than a T-Rex. 


I'm totally in love with this mug, how cute is the Dino and the slogan awwwww.


Nessie is sort of a dinosaur isn't she, I couldn't miss this one out. This is so cute for a kitchen accessory. 

RRP- £9.99 

These super cool cookie cutters from Lakeland are great for some 3D bakes, plus you could get the kids helping too. 

RRP - £4.27

Check out this crop top from Rock On Ruby, love the simple witty slogan, perfect for laying up too.

 RRP- £21.00

This super bright clutch bag with turn some heads, this is one of my favourite items from the post. It's so unique and bold.

 RRP- £40.00 

I love the mismatched Dinosaurs on these pair of earrings making them stand out. They come in a choice of  T Rex and Triceratops - T Rex and Hadrosaur - Raptor and Triceratops - Raptor and Hadrosaur.

RRP- £ 35.00

If this is quirky then I don't know what is, it reminds me of the old plastic dinosaurs you used to get out of 20p machines This dinosaur planter will be a talking point in any home. 

RRP- £17.50 

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