Monday, 10 August 2015

Lego Dream House

I know when I was a child, I never had the fancy Lego sets they have now. I had a huge plastic tub of all Lego bits which I would use to build lots of things, what ever my imagination thought of that day. One of my favorite things was houses. I would dream of a toy room, swimming pool with sea creatures in and a room for my pets. 

Ocean finance have this great competition running to the 24th August for kids to design their dream home and letting children's imagination run wild in the summer holiday.  

Raiden loves Lego so he was thrilled to be sent a cool set to get him started with building his dream home. 

I wasn't prepared with what he came up, sometimes it takes a while for his thoughts to plan out and after 5 days of working very hard, taking bits off and on. His house was complete. 

Here is some of the features to his house, my favorite is the golden toilet seat haha

A treehouse for sleepovers 

A swimming pool and ball pool for hours of endless fun. 

Double Sofa and TV 


Chair and basin 

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