Sunday, 9 August 2015

Horror Block July

I actually think I jinxed myself when I said two months back that Horror block hadn't disappointed me. Last month I only liked one item, this month I hated everything. All the teasters gave me a gut feeling I wouldn't like this box. I got really excited it being a double shirt box. The last double t-shirt we got a Chucky & American Horror story and they both was amazing.

The first shirt was a random old stock Anime Gundam, I can't stand anything Anime. Lucky the other half liked it and pinched it.

American werewolf in London shirt - I really just don't like the print on this at all, nothing to be stays American werewolf it's just a standard print.

Titan Spike figure - I loved watching Buffy when I was younger, but this didn't appeal to me at all. 

Walking dead sticker - Totally not my cup of tea & I'm not sure if I will ever use it.

Choose their kill season 1 DVD - I haven't watched the last DVD that was in Horror Block but it will get watched. 

Rue Morgue - I do like taking a look at this, when I get a spare five minutes. 

One of the themes is Friday the 13th next month, so I'm keeping it going till next month to see what we get. I'm hoping its a case of 3rd time lucky?   

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