Monday, 17 August 2015

Help: Clear Skin Review

I've always suffered pretty bad with my skin, I have large pores and combination skin. I suffer with breakouts quite a lot and always very concerned about my skin. 

I got the chance to review a month supply of a daily supplement from help: clear skinwhich you just add one sachet to a drink once a day.  The supplement contains a clinically proven bioactive protein rich in lactoferrin. Lactoferrin has been shown to reduce the development of the bacteria responsible for many skin impurities due to its anti-microbial effects, which is why the product is so effective on acne. It is made from natural ingredients, so nasties are involved. Each serving also contains high extract aloe vera and zinc gluconate which have an antimicrobial and nourishing effect on the skin and oligofructose which is a source of soluble fibre extracted from the chicory root.

As I mentioned before it can be added to any drink or in food, once a day. It's pretty taste less unless you have it with just plain water, you get a bit of a tonic water taste nothing not drinkable. It's not time consuming or stressful, plus the sachets mean you can pop a few in your bag for when you are on the go. 

Personally I think I may need to take the product for a longer period of time for a effective result. I'm going to buy another months worth and see how I get on with it and hopefully it improves the current condition of my skin. I have noticed that my breakouts haven't been as angry or clustered since taking help: clear skin, that's a big positive effect of talking it. 

Here is my before and after pictures. 

help: clear skin is suitable for vegetarians, diabetics and anyone lactose intolerant and is gluten free. 

RRP £39.95 

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  1. Freat review, thanks. The before and after really shows a difference. I really struggle with my skin too and am going on accutane to hopefully sort it. I would rather try things like this though which are not as harsh