Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Hawaiian Teddy Teaparty

We had planned a teaparty in the summer, as we did one a few months back and Lexie really enjoyed it. When I asked for idea for the holidays, she did mention she wanted to do another one. Then I saw this fab competition over at Life Of Mum which is a blogger competition to win some lovely goodies. ( we are keeping are fingers crossed)

We went for a Hawaiian theme with drums, a flamingo, palm trees, cocktail glasses with umbrellas, flower garlands and glasses. Party guests was My Little Pony, Disney princesses, Mr Tumble some of Lexie's Favorite things. 

The one party guest that couldn't make it was Boo York Luna Doll and Lexie would love to add her to her collection. She is a tad obsessed with anything Monster high And Boo York has caught her eye from the book of dreams ( Argos) 

Food was sandwiches cut up in shapes, melon, Jacob's cracker crisps, sausage rolls & some very colourful ice creams. A proper picnic party lunch.

 Plus who doesn't need a palm tree hat? 

** This is my entry to the Life Of Mum/Netbooster Competition**

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