Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Exante Diet Vanilla Flavour Cupcakes

With the great British bake off starting last week, it can be very teasting if you are on a diet. They make some yummy treats and it's very hard not to end up wanting some sweet treats. 

I was invited to try the brand new Exante Diet Cupcake. The cupcake was launched a few weeks ago.

The Exante Diet Cupcake is the first ever complete meal-replacement cupcake! Yes it really can replace an entire meal – it’s that nutritious. High in protein and fibre, it’s specially formulated to provide a third of your RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of essential vitamins and minerals. Best of all, each portion (2 cupcakes) contains just 200 calories. (Even the average ‘skinny’ cupcake on the High Street can rack up a whopping 400 calories!)

A guilt-free way of keeping your diet sweet, each portion is loaded with health benefits. Great tasting and low in fat, these little numbers pack a protein punch. In fact, you’ll get a whopping 30.6g of protein per 100g, This helps you to feel fuller for longer and supports the maintenance of lean muscle mass – making the cupcake perfect for staying on track to help you maintain that bikini body too! Containing 27 vitamins and minerals, each portion can be enjoyed as part of your daily menu on any of our Diet Plans or alternatively as a healthy snack.

The cupcakes are really easy to make there are two sachets to use to make two cupcakes. Sachet one is he cake mix, you empty in to a bowl and slowly add 50ml of water, stirring to smooth. Once smooth add the mixture to two cake cases and bake on 200c for 15 minutes. Then leave to cool. 

Next add sachet 2 the frosting, to a bowl and mix with 20ml of water for the raspberry topping, spread on to the top of the cool cupcakes. 

Got to admit that they turned out a bit like when my yorkie puddings go a bit wrong, for some reason they bake bubbly and not smooth. I tried it with three packs and they turned out the same. I've never saw a frosting ever that pink before. They are great if you fancy a cupcake and you are on a diet, but it's not something I would reach and and grab again. 

I got sent some of the shakes to try out too. I've done the whole slimfast and juice diets in the past that leave me feeling like I'm changing in to werewolf on a full moon. So in all honesty I wasn't expecting these to do any different. The shakes was massively different, I tried the coconut one first as I'm a huge fan of that flavour. The shakes are really thick and actually did taste really nice. It did keep hunger at bay until lunchtime so I was very impressed. I'm thinking to actually give exante diet a go to see if I can shift any weight loss. 

RRP- £11.13 FOR A PACK OF 7.


  1. I have tried the Exante shakes before and I think they are so nice, didn't know they did coconut flavoured ones, they sound lovely. xx

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