Friday, 14 August 2015

Back To School With BIC Kids

I'm very lucky I don't have to buy any stationary yet for the kids for school, but I'm forever buying pens, pencils and felts as we go though them like wildfire. I've know about BIC's kids range for a while and it's something I have bought in the past. Normally I always go for a BIC ball pen myself if I'm buying pens. I have since,  I can remember they just seem to glide when you are writing.  I go for the plain black if I'm buying a pack. I'm not sure why I always try to find a black pen first, maybe I think it makes my handwriting slightly better. 

Cristal Fun Ball Pens 

A set of lovely fun coloured ball pens, pink, green, blue and purple which come in a pack of ten.  Each pen has a translucent barrel with smokey-effect finish and a 1.6mm tip which gives a line width of 0.6mm. I love how these glide on paper it makes writing effortless. I love the different colours it will make writing definitely more fun. 

Magic Felt Pens 

Ok so these totally bring me back to my childhood. I remember having a pack of felts which you could make it disappear with the white one, but it smelt awful! The pack has eight different colours with two magic markers which eat the coloured ink away, like magic. The kids has endless of fun with these on our rainy days in. 

Evolution Ecolotions Pencils 

I know Lexie can push down to hard on pencils and we spend more time sharpening them than she does colouring, these jumbo chunky pencils are easier to grip and hold. Ecolutions Evolution triangular colouring pencils are wood-free resin pencil and have ultra shock resistant lead. Which is great if you have a little one that drops them everywhere. Even though they are larger sized they are so light to hold, perfect for tiny hands.

Mechanical Pencil

I love how simple this is. We can never find a pencil or sharpener at the same time, so more that likely when it comes to homework time. I'm sharpening a pencil with a knife. With this  mechanical pencil I will never have to do that again. The pencil is shaped for easy grip and to help control pencil action. You push down on the lid at the tip and the lead pops out, even if you push hard on the lead it isn't easy to break. The pencil also comes with 6 lead refills.


  1. You can't beat nice pens, I just love having a variety on hand x

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