Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Summer Bank Holiday With Staycation

So I've been asked to share with you my dream Bank holiday. If I could take the kids anywhere, without any issues with money, time or even the weather. It would have to be Disneyland Paris. I went to Disneyland pre-children and it was amazing. I think everyone has a bit of Disney embedded in their hearts. It blew me away so I would love to see the kids faces it would be a precious moment. There is so much to do in the park I don't think we would have to leave to go anywhere else, it is jam packed with so much to do and see. 

Lexie is fascinated with Disney Princesses so I think it would be a total dream come true to get up close and personal and meet her idols. I think she would love entering and seeing Sleeping Beauty's castle and getting inside where a princess lives. She would be so caught up in the whole magical of Disney she wouldn't want to come home. 

Raiden would be more for the rides and attractions Pirates of the Caribbean would be one he would really enjoy as he is a fan of the film. Plus he is a real thrill seeker so any rides he's height will allow him on he will be there. 

I made a little Disney holiday wish list too, we would have to fit in right? 

Snow White Dress -

Mrs Potts Necklace -

The Little Mermaid T-shirt -

Mickey Mouse Tshirt

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