Monday, 27 July 2015

Send Gifts With The Parcelgenie App


Ever fancied sending someone a gift, but are caught short as you don't have their address or you don't want to spend a fortune. I know a few times I've wanted to cheer one of my mates up but I don't have their address to send a parcel too. The Parcelgenie app is a great way of sending a gift without the hassle of that. They are the world’s first instant gift messaging app.
 It so simple and easy to use. You select the gift you would like to send. Parcelgenie then text the recipient, that you have sent a gift and ask for their address to send out it out. This is all free of charge. Prices start from £2.99 and that includes the postage also to send the gift, they are simple little token gifts but sure to give a smile too whoever you are sending them too. 


I chose my gifts on Thursday night and the two lucky people had received them by Saturday, which I think is super fast service. One was for my other half from the kids which was cola bottle chocolate then one for my sister which was a hot chocolate pack. 

The app was very clear to use and had lots of options, the whole thing was quick and easy to use and it's something I would use again. The only problem is the texts look like spam, my other half got a you will be charged message for this text. Which put him off texting back as the message didn't say how much. I have been informed that some phones do this, but you will never be charged to reply back to the text. 

I loved the pretty packing and the parcels fitted though the letterbox. 

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