Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Salix Alba Skincare Rejuvenating Night Cream Review

I've only started recently thinking about my skincare routine. I was very much a face wash and toner type of person until I had a consultation last year about my skin. I've always suffered with acne and it's literally been the bane of my life since my teens. I've always been too frighted to use products thinking they would make my skin worse, but actually it's the total opposite.  I have been looking for a night cream as I tend to wake up with puffy black circles under my eyes most mornings. So when Salix Alba Skincare, got in touch and asked me to try out there Rejuvenating Night Cream, I jumped at the chance. 

A luxurious new anti-ageing range, Salix Alba Skincarehas been launched and promises to enhance skin softness and reverse the appearance of ageing.  The 100% natural and organic formulations include naturally sourced Salicin (an extract of the willow tree), whereas many leading skincare brands use chemically derived Salicylic Acid.

Salix Alba Skincare is the only completely natural formulation on the market and uses Lake District spring water, which acquires its Salicin content as it filters through a subterranean aquifier that was once a prehistoric White Willow forest.

Salicin is a natural Beta Hydroxyl Acid which exfoliates the skin by breaking down the outer layer of dead skin cells allowing healthy cells to rise to the surface and give the complexion a healthy, youthful glow.  

The cream itself is really thick, I really like the pump action bottle which doesn't leave you messing about with getting tops on and off. The scent is really mild and natural, which leaves you feeling refreshed and not heavy perfumed. I had a couple of comments last week with how my skin looked I'm not sure if it's the cream or the sun on my face. It beats been told I look tired all the time though. Salix Alba Skincare comprises a carefully balanced combination of minerals, including skin enhancing calcium and magnesium combined with natural anti-oxidants to fully replenish and revitalise skin. The cream itself goes on well it absorbs very quick and feels really light once applied. My face has felt fresher in the morning and not as puffy when I wake up. 

 Salix Alba  Skincare has luxury ranges for both women and men.  These include Co-Q10 body lotion, Co-Q10 cleanser, Collagen retinol day moisturiser, hand & nail cream & pro age eye cream. 

RRP - £62 

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