Sunday, 12 July 2015

Pop In A Box July

I'm always worried every month that I won't get billed for any pops for that month as my wish-list is so limited now.  Every month my pop in a box arrives and I'm gobsmacked. I was slightly confused this month, so again there is no video. They came in two different boxes and I didn't realise until I opened it. Last month I had a six pop subscription and it was pretty cool, see here what I got.

I've mentioned before I have a few of the kids likes on my wishlist and Lexie has been claiming quite a few. It switched to Raiden now and he's had something from the past two. 

This month was Deadpool's Chimichanga Truck - This is the first time in ever got a ride and Raiden was thrilled for it too be added to the collection. Rides range from £25-£30 in value. 

We also received a CHASE golden Smaug we I'm so happy with. I haven't watched the films ( I know I need too) but I loved the look of Smuag since I saw him. I can't believe I got a chase edition. I know the oversized ones range from £15, so I'm not 100% sure on what he is worth but a great oversized pop to add to my collection. 

As you can see my subscription was well worth the money this month! 

Check out my collection and the kids out here

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