Friday, 3 July 2015

Paddy's Bathroom Review.

One of my favourite things I love to review is bath stuff for the kids, they love the bath trying new products and it's great getting them to take care of their bodies. Paddy's Bathroom sent a massive hamper for the kids to try and test out.

Paddy’s Bathroom recently opened its doors to the world’s first Bubble Barber for two days only in London. It was a great success and with a menu of bubbly barnets to choose from, little ones were given the chance to sport their favourite celebrity hairstyles in bubble form, ranging from David Beckham’s Mohawk to Princess Leia’s Space Age Buns! See a selection of images attached. I'm so gutted we couldn't go it looked so much fun. 

I didn't notice at first until the products came that they was actually very similar to Ella's Kitchen  packaging. It is actually the same founder and has made ranges for both of his children. Ella's kitchen for his daughter & Paddy's bathroom for his son.

I like how the products are natural and organic and are gentle on skin. My daughters skin can't take to harsh bath products anymore she gets very dry and itchy. The products are super gentle and sting free on eyes.  

Included in the hamper was 

Two squirty bath toys
Bubbly stuff bubble bath - Smells like tangerine
Stuff for shiny hair - shampoo - Smells like lemons 
Foamy stuff - hair and body mousse - smells like rosey apples
Squirty stuff - hair and body wash - smells like squishy mangos 
Squirty stuff - hair and body wash - smells like juicy pineapples 
Stuff for hands - foaming hand wash - smells like squeaky clean lemons

All the products have different textures which the kids loved, lots of bubbles which stay around for a while which is always a great bonus. I find with bubble baths that the bubbles disappear before you have even got the kids in. 

The shampoo is amazing and does leave hair super shiny. My daughter hates having her hair washed and she hasn't minded this so far. Super squirty stuff with squirty bottles with the pump action foam, has been the most fun. The kids have loved squeezing and squeezing until and the fluffy foam has come out the cap. 

The kids have been great washing there hands with the foaming hand wash and it smells really nice too. Foaming hair and moose has been super fantastic, getting them to do a few pumps then to wash themselves has been a good help with getting my daughter to wash herself all over.

I loved the catchy scents for all the products they are all familiar fruits that the kids know. The kids have loved testing out the new Paddys bathroom range. 

My son opted for the David Beckham look, while my daughter wanted Princesses hair.  

Not only can your little ones benefit from the new Paddy’s Bathroom range, but a donation from every sale goes towards our Drop Buy Drop programme, helping kids in Rwanda get access to clean, safe water!

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