Sunday, 26 July 2015

My Top Ten Loves This Month!

The summer holidays - We have already had a week here and I love having the kids off and spending time and days out with them. We have lots planned over the next few weeks too.

Nails Inc Alexa Hearts - I really adore this nail polish and I've been using it as a top coat for a few weeks ( well every time I've painted my nails. I love the little little heart effects and they look great on. Sometimes they are a little hard to get out the bottle though. 

Loreal elvive colour protect masque  - I switched to using T-Gel shampoo about two months ago and I noticed it's been great for the dandruff but it's been making my hair so dry. I've been using the Loreal elvive colour protect masque 1/2 a week and it's made such a difference plus it smells amazing two.

Scream Series - I didn't think I would enjoy this as much as I have. It's slightly cheesy but it actually quite good. If you are a fan of Vampire diaries I think you would enjoy this too. 

Nursery Graduation - Lexie has finished now and I can't believe she will be going in to reception full time in a few weeks.  This also means I can get back to work and start looking for a job. 

School Awards - I was a real surprise last week when Raiden came home with this. It's been a rocky school year, but we know next year he will start flying again. So proud of him and what he achieves. 

Jacobs Cracker Crisps - I got to review these from Bzzagent and now I'm sold. I love every flavour and they are great as a little snack for a savoury lover.

Funko Pops - These little toys make me happy haha! Other half spoilt me the weekend and bought me this lot. My collection is massive now, so I do need to slow down. 

The Big Hoot Birmingham 2015 - Owl spotting in Birmingham. They have placed 89 owns all over Birmingham, then once displayed for a bit they are being auctioned off and the money will be going to the Birmingham's Children's Hospital.  We managed to find 27/89 which is great. The kids have loved finding
out them and having photos taken with them. 

Competition Wins - I managed to win a blogger competition for the first time ever! It was a £300 voucher for Excel clothing, which I'm so excited about. 

A Cornish Mum


  1. That polish is lovely! Do you have a pic of your nails with it on? #tenthings

  2. Well done on winning the blogger competition :) Those cracker crisps look yummy and sounds like you had a good month!! Thanks for linking up to #TenThings

    Stevie x