Monday, 13 July 2015

Infruition Water Bottles Review

I'm awful at drinking water it's one of my main downfalls with my whole diet, I don't drink any water which is really bad.  So getting my children to do it when I'm not a great role model is really hard. The kids school recently have sent a letter home with a clear bottle rule at school. They have been having problems with children coming to school with inappropriate drinks in their lunch boxes. I saw first hand myself on the schools NURSERY trip, where a parent had given there child a lucozade drink with lunch. I know I use lucozade as a pick me up sometimes when I'm struggling in the day. So I'm not sure the effects it would have on a four year old child. The children at home only drink squash, milk and water it's very rare unless we are out and a treat I let them have fizzy drinks. I just really don't see the need to have them at all. 

Infruition got in touch and asked if we would like to test out their water bottles, which are a great way of drinking more water plus with a natural added bonus. They are all natural, sugar free and super fun. The bottles have a special chamber which you unscrew to fill up with fruit, vegetables or natural flavorings you can think of. You fill up with water and leave to chill so the water will be infused with whatever you have put in the chamber. 
It's a really quick easy and fun activity to do each day and you can just keep topping up the water, no need to change the fruit every time ( if it lasts that long with little hands). The kids have enjoyed picking which fruit they want for the following day and even helped to wash/chop and added to the bottles. 

We took the bottles down to the park and when the water was finished the kids thought it would be a great snack of fruit too. It's been great watching the kids try new flavours in the bottles and think about what flavours would go together. Raiden had great feedback off the lunchtime staff which was very intrigued by his very healthy water bottle. 

RRP - £15.99 Each 

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  1. I keep seeing these and wondering if I should get one too.