Sunday, 5 July 2015

Horror Block - June

So this week Horror Block arrived on my doorstep, I already had concerns about it with Scream and Cthulhu being the hints Horror Block has given out. This is my 7th box and it's been such a disappointment this month.

The first item was a small Cthulhu plush. I've never saw the game in action he was supposed to be from and honestly it's just really not my cup of tea at all. 

The T-shirt was a Survive the night - The Purge. I love the movies and they are fab,  but it's not a t-shirt I would ever wear. I actually thought it was the guy from the film house of a 1000 corpses. 

Scream reaction figure - I have collected the Predator ones of these but Ghostface wasn't on my want list to be totally honest.

Alien ice cube tray - This was the only item I loved and it's been handy with the warmer weather too. 

Last Item is the Rue Morgue magazine is always a good read. 

So far the only hint for this month is Buffy, which again I'm not a massive fan. I'm going to see the other hint then decide if I'm going to cancel or not. 

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