Sunday, 19 July 2015

Collins Big Cat Reading Lions Books & Picture Atlas Review

If you are a follower on Instagram, you will know we have been reading Roahl Dahl books lately. They are fantastic books to read and I've been giving Raiden to chance to read then to me then I've been carrying on. The only problem is they can sometimes contain hard words to read and understand, and Raiden gets very confused or frustrated. He is only just getting in to reading and I'm hoping over the summer we can get to the library and get him some books that may interest him. 

Collins Big Cat is an established series of leveled reading books, widely used in UK schools. For the first time, Collins Big Cat is available for parents to buy themselves to support their child’s reading development.

We recently got sent some fantastic books from Collins which is their big cat lions reading range. I wasn't aware of these books before and they are available to buy on the high street. I personally think Raiden is reading good for his age, but I'm always on the look out for books which will help with his progression of reading, help build speaking, listening and reading skills. 

The books come in a pack of 6, and they come in different levels so there is something suited to every child's level. Plus it gives you a guideline of what stage they are reading at and the things they should be reading and offer a wide variety to appeal to all ages. I'm always worried that the boos I pick are either to easy or hard for him. 

Big Cat Reading Lions – Level 1: First Reading at Home
Big Cat Reading Lions – Level 2: Practice Reading at Home
Big Cat Reading Lions – Level 3: Supported Reading at Home
Big Cat Reading Lions – Level 4: Confident Reading at Home
Big Cat Reading Lions – Level 5: Independent Reading at Home
Big Cat Reading Lions – Level 5: Fluent Reading at Home

We went for the Level 5 - Which are suited to age 8-9 years. 
In the pack is six books, three are fiction & three non- fiction, which is a great mix of stories. The reading books was the following :

Great Expectations 
Brother Aelred's Feet 
The Gargling Gorilla
My Olympic Story
Extreme Sports  
The Roman Empire  - Raiden was really excited to get this book as we recently found out it's going to be his first topic when he starts back in September. So it's a bit of a head start with lots of facts and figures for him to learn before then. 

The books have been easy to read and Raiden has enjoyed them, we have managed to read the books in three parts. So just over two books a week, which I don't think is bad going. There is a lot of information to see and talk about with pictures and little speech bubbles too. Which is great to stimulate him while reading, so he doesn't get bored of plain text. The books are thin so they are easy to carry around if you are traveling or your child is away at family for a night. I know some books can be heavy and bulky to carry. 

We also received a Collins Picture Atlas to discover life around the world through fun facts and playful illustrations. The Atlas is perfect for 4-8 year olds to discover life around the world through fun facts and playful illustrations. Both the children have been very interested in the maps and all the different countries and continents. 

The pages are bold bright and full of lovely facts about people from different countries, animals and cultures. We loved the quirky characters thought out the book which bring to maps and facts to life. The book is ideal for reading at home and finding out more about the world whilst also helping to develop essential reading skills. We have even been discussing famous landmarks and which countries they come from which has been fantastic learning for both.

  The picture atlas is brought alive through an online interactive game, suitable for children aged 4-8. By going to can journey through the different areas of the world, meeting different people and animals, and learning new things along the way. 

RRP £24.00

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