Friday, 31 July 2015

Clarins Autumn Make Up Collection

I don't wear make up everyday, but when I do I like to wear the whole lot. I haven't used Clarins products for a while And I'm slowing updating my make up collection after Lexie smashed most of mine up earlier in the year when she got in my my make up box. 

Clarins have just brought out an Autumn range which uses a seductive colour allowing a natural look using soft beige and fresh pink shades for a daytime or sultry, intense look using smoky purples & carbon black. A collection that focuses on the eyes, allowing to naturally emphasise and highlight, effortlessly transforming from day to night looks.

We got sent a few items to test from the Autumn range. 

I love the Rouge Éclat satin finish age defying lipstick in tawny rose. The colour is very gentle and natural. This is exactly the sort of colour I would go for if I ever pick up a lipstick. I didn't suit bright colours of lipstick so I was very happy with the colour. Intense long-lasting colour and The Nutri-Youth Complex protects lips against dehydration and boosts collagen, Vitamin E protects against free radicals and 100% plant waxes provide instant comfort. Comes in Fifteen shades. I love the look of the lipstick and the gold classy look. It's It's defiantly a handbag essential.  


The crayon knol in true violet is not normally a colour I would go for. I tend to stay with black, but I absolutely love this shade. I love the double ended product, one side is the eyeliner so you can apply now you want too then the brush end to use to smudge or get in the colours of the eyes. It comes in eight intense shades for day or evening looks. 

RRP- £17.00

The eyebrow pencil in light brown. long-wearing eyebrow pencil that enhances and defines the natural curve of your brows. Dual-ended pencil offers a comb-brush end to help keep brows perfectly shaped and groomed. Comes in three different shades. 

RRP - £17.00 

Ombré Matte eyeshadow in carbon. I normally use a lot of browns in my make up and I've been experimenting with some other colours for a more evening look. I love the carbon colour for a dramatic look. It's very silky and applies very evenly and just you a full coverage. Mattifying and long-lasting formula that glides over the eyelid and blends evenly into the skin upon application.  I love the slight silver glitter shine when the light catches it. Comes in six shades.

RRP- £19.00

Thursday, 30 July 2015

What Has Lexie Been Wearing This Week

Trendy Tot Thursday  (#TT_Thursday) is a great little link up, where you showcase something that your child has been wearing this week. If it's new or old anything goes. 

Today's outfit is slightly on the bright side, I thought it may make up for the dreary weather we have had this week. 

The purple jelly shoes was from shoe zone, I've looked everywhere for a pair in her size. Her size seems very popular. These was £6.99 and they had a clear pair with silver glitter in. 

The neon pink trousers was from H&M and I got them last year in the sale when they was £2. I think they had been on the rack for a while as they had been reduced three times. I think the colour maybe put people off. 

The headband was from savers and was £1, I love the pearl detail on the side of this. 

Top is from TU and I love the lace detail on the sleeves, I love lace and it's been big this Spring/Summer again. 

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Robot Overlords DVD Review

Even though Raiden is 8, we have been watching some older films togthers. He really enjoys watching a proper movie and not cartoons anymore. We received the film Robot Overlords to review and watch. So with some popcorn and snacks we watched it together one afternoon. 

The adults lost the war and now the kids must save the world! Robots rule the streets and the people are locked in their homes. Stepping outside risks being vaporised by a hulking Sentry or picked off by a lethal Sniper.

Through the ruins of Britain a group of kids, led by Callan McAuliffe (The Great Gatsby), set out to join the Resistance. Hot on their heels however is their old teacher turned robot collaborator Mr Smythe, played by Ben Kingsley (Iron Man 3) and his captive Gillian Anderson (The X-Files).

Starring Ben Kingsley, Callan McAuliffe, Gillian Anderson, Milo Parker, Geraldine James, Ella Hunt, Steven Mackintosh, Craig Garner and Tamer Hassan. Robot Overlords is Directed by Jon Wright.

The film was good and I do think it is set for younger people, the special effects was really good it was full of action and we loved the Robots. It was easy to watch and entertaining for both of us. 

Check out a clip below 

Signature Entertainment Presents Robot Overlords on Digital HD from July 24th and on DVD & Blu-ray August 10th

Monday, 27 July 2015

Send Gifts With The Parcelgenie App


Ever fancied sending someone a gift, but are caught short as you don't have their address or you don't want to spend a fortune. I know a few times I've wanted to cheer one of my mates up but I don't have their address to send a parcel too. The Parcelgenie app is a great way of sending a gift without the hassle of that. They are the world’s first instant gift messaging app.
 It so simple and easy to use. You select the gift you would like to send. Parcelgenie then text the recipient, that you have sent a gift and ask for their address to send out it out. This is all free of charge. Prices start from £2.99 and that includes the postage also to send the gift, they are simple little token gifts but sure to give a smile too whoever you are sending them too. 


I chose my gifts on Thursday night and the two lucky people had received them by Saturday, which I think is super fast service. One was for my other half from the kids which was cola bottle chocolate then one for my sister which was a hot chocolate pack. 

The app was very clear to use and had lots of options, the whole thing was quick and easy to use and it's something I would use again. The only problem is the texts look like spam, my other half got a you will be charged message for this text. Which put him off texting back as the message didn't say how much. I have been informed that some phones do this, but you will never be charged to reply back to the text. 

I loved the pretty packing and the parcels fitted though the letterbox. 

Sunday, 26 July 2015

My Top Ten Loves This Month!

The summer holidays - We have already had a week here and I love having the kids off and spending time and days out with them. We have lots planned over the next few weeks too.

Nails Inc Alexa Hearts - I really adore this nail polish and I've been using it as a top coat for a few weeks ( well every time I've painted my nails. I love the little little heart effects and they look great on. Sometimes they are a little hard to get out the bottle though. 

Loreal elvive colour protect masque  - I switched to using T-Gel shampoo about two months ago and I noticed it's been great for the dandruff but it's been making my hair so dry. I've been using the Loreal elvive colour protect masque 1/2 a week and it's made such a difference plus it smells amazing two.

Scream Series - I didn't think I would enjoy this as much as I have. It's slightly cheesy but it actually quite good. If you are a fan of Vampire diaries I think you would enjoy this too. 

Nursery Graduation - Lexie has finished now and I can't believe she will be going in to reception full time in a few weeks.  This also means I can get back to work and start looking for a job. 

School Awards - I was a real surprise last week when Raiden came home with this. It's been a rocky school year, but we know next year he will start flying again. So proud of him and what he achieves. 

Jacobs Cracker Crisps - I got to review these from Bzzagent and now I'm sold. I love every flavour and they are great as a little snack for a savoury lover.

Funko Pops - These little toys make me happy haha! Other half spoilt me the weekend and bought me this lot. My collection is massive now, so I do need to slow down. 

The Big Hoot Birmingham 2015 - Owl spotting in Birmingham. They have placed 89 owns all over Birmingham, then once displayed for a bit they are being auctioned off and the money will be going to the Birmingham's Children's Hospital.  We managed to find 27/89 which is great. The kids have loved finding
out them and having photos taken with them. 

Competition Wins - I managed to win a blogger competition for the first time ever! It was a £300 voucher for Excel clothing, which I'm so excited about. 

A Cornish Mum

Friday, 24 July 2015

Look In My Letterbox.

So many parcels this week, quite a few (6) came on Friday and the postman had two bags. 


DVDs ( Robot Overloads & Shes Funny That Way)

Clarins Paris Make up

Lego set ( for a bloggers competition to make a dream house)


Lalaloopsy Tinies

Soft and gentle

Fitbug orb

Mission London - A scavenger hunt adventure book

Zoflora bottle & notepad

Playmobil carry case ( Raiden won this in a colouring competition)


Another £5 ToysRUs voucher from Bounts

Garner Ultra Lift cream

Shake and wake up packs

Alice Megan

Thursday, 23 July 2015

What Has Lexie Been Wearing This Week & The Big Hoot Birmingham 2015


I can't believe it's Thursday again! Trendy Tot Thursday  (#TT_Thursday) is a great little link up, where you showcase something that your child has been wearing this week. If it's new or old anything goes. 

Lexie dressed herself this week, otherwise we wouldn't of gone anywhere today. She is getting in habit of wearing the same things over and over, which is getting a little frustrating. We took a trip to the sea life centre then did a bit if Owl spotting in Birmingham. They have placed 89 owns all over Birmingham, then once displayed for a bit they are being auctioned off and the money will be going to the Birmingham's Children's Hospital.  We managed to find 23/89 which wasn't too bad going. 

The Skirt is an eBay buy and from H&M and I think it was around £2.50 and she has worn it so many times.

The pumps are from Clarks which was reduced from £22 to £10  

Top is Peppa Pig and from TU ( Sainsbury's)  Nanny must of bough her this one for a Christmas or Birthday as I don't remember buying it for her. 

Trendy Tot Thursday : ClearlyBex

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Summer Bank Holiday With Staycation

So I've been asked to share with you my dream Bank holiday. If I could take the kids anywhere, without any issues with money, time or even the weather. It would have to be Disneyland Paris. I went to Disneyland pre-children and it was amazing. I think everyone has a bit of Disney embedded in their hearts. It blew me away so I would love to see the kids faces it would be a precious moment. There is so much to do in the park I don't think we would have to leave to go anywhere else, it is jam packed with so much to do and see. 

Lexie is fascinated with Disney Princesses so I think it would be a total dream come true to get up close and personal and meet her idols. I think she would love entering and seeing Sleeping Beauty's castle and getting inside where a princess lives. She would be so caught up in the whole magical of Disney she wouldn't want to come home. 

Raiden would be more for the rides and attractions Pirates of the Caribbean would be one he would really enjoy as he is a fan of the film. Plus he is a real thrill seeker so any rides he's height will allow him on he will be there. 

I made a little Disney holiday wish list too, we would have to fit in right? 

Snow White Dress -

Mrs Potts Necklace -

The Little Mermaid T-shirt -

Mickey Mouse Tshirt

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Yogi Herbal Tea Giveaway

Fancy having a detox this summer and winning yourself some fantastic Herbal teas from Yogi. I've become a fan of herbal teas lately and they are a great way to detox and stay healthy. 

Yogi Tea have been specialising in organic herbal tea since 1960! And are experts in creating flavoured healthy tea. 

The prize includes four selected herbal teas - Each box contains 17 teabags. 

  1. Yogi Positive Energy Tea Cranberry Hibiscus: An uplifting and invigorating tea infused with Green Mate, Guarana & Assam Black
  2. Yogi Detox Tea with Lemon; a tangy detox tea infused with the flavours of Bitter Dandelion, Sweet Liquorice & Spicy Ginger
  3. Yogi Women’s Tea; a balancing tea with a blend of Ginger, Orange Peel, Angelica Root & Ayurvedic Spices
  4. Yogi Bedtime Tea; a calming and organic tea infused with Chamomile, Lavender, Nutmeg & Valerian Root

 Prize supplied by Discount Supplements, specialists in Online Sports Supplements.

Check out the Rafflecopter below on how you can win 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, 20 July 2015

Nickelodeon’s Dora and Friends - Dora At Smyths Toys Superstores This Summer

This summer Dora will be going around your local Smyths Toys Superstores and making special appearances.  There will be a Dora sing a long booth that will be touring around, in which children can sing along with Dora to her songs as well as visit the costume character. Kids are invited to sing and dance in the karaoke booths create videos singing along with Dora and friends. 

Smyths Toys

  • Waterfields Retail Park, Watford (Dora Costume Character)  - 27th July
  • Westwood Cross Shopping Park, Thanet  - 28th July
  • St. David’s Retail Park, Swansea – 29th July
  • Crown retail park, Leeds (Dora Costume Character) – 31st July
  • Clifton Moor Retail Park, York (Costume Character) – 3rd August
  • Ravenhead Retail park, St.Helens  - 5th August
  • Halls Mill Retail Park, Bury - 6th August
  • Middle Engine Lane, Wallsend – 10th August
  • Glasgow fort shopping park, Glasgow (Costume Character) – 12th August
  • Beach Boulevard, Aberdeen (Costume Character) – 14th August

Sky stands

·         Centre MK, Milton Keynes – 25th – 26th July
·         White Rose, Leeds  - 1st- 2nd August
·         Intu Eldon Square, Newcastle  - 8th – 9th August
·         Bon Accord, Aberdeen – 15th – 16th August

Lexie is a massive fan of Dora, she used to watch the original Dora when she was smaller and she is a huge fan of Dora and friends now especially all the pets in the show. We received a massive hamper of the new Dora and friends toys, which Lexie was utterly thrilled about. Included was two Dora no friends 8" dolls, Toy smartphone, magic charms bracelet, adventure charms & a sweetie bag. 

The Magic charms bracelet is Lexie's favourite item, the bracelet has charms on showing all Dora's best friends Alana, Kate, Emma & Naiya from the show. The set also includes two brackets and six adventure charms so you can collect and wear different charms everyday.  The  bracelet is just like Dora's which she wears on the show too. 


We also received Dora's Magic adventure charms which includes a lovely detailed figure of Dora, plus another bracelet with three different charms. The charms are great as an add on to wear different ones everyday plus you can buy other packs to collect too. Lexie has enjoying mixing up the charms on different bracelets to wear everyday. 

RRP- £7.99

Th next item was the Dora Talk & Play Smartphone which looks just like Dora’s phone from the television can talk Dora and her friends to find out what they are up to today! Designed to look just like Dora’s smartphone on the television show, the Talk & Play Smartphone allows you to join Dora on all of her adventures in Playa Verde! Make and receive calls from Dora and her friends, hear music from the show and help create a fun new song for the big benefit concert! You can also pretend to take and send photos or use the Map App to lead you on your next adventure! We loved the voices and phrases that Dora uses and it's been a firm favourite since Lexie received it. 

RRP - £9.99 

The last two items was the 8" Dolls we received Dora & Alana. Lexie loves anything that is in doll form at the moment so she liked these. She's enjoyed playing and making them talk to keep other, they have also been in the bath with her. The dolls have great detail, movable arms, legs and head. Plus you can brush their soft hair and change there clothes.  The dolls come with a special charm that you can use on any of the Dora bracelets. 

RRP - £10.99 each

If you like the look of some of the Dora and friends goodies we received, check in to the Twitter frenzy July 27th between 11am - 12 using the #DoraSingAlong hashtag to win some Dora goodies.