Friday, 5 June 2015

What Lexie Has Been Wearing This Week.

I'm a tad late with my Trendy Tot Thursday  (#TT_Thursday) this week. It's been chaos for the first week back. The past few posts it's it about hauls and holiday clothes laying pretty on a bed. This week I wanted to show you actually Lexie in some items. 

This week we are showcasing some lovely items from Lindi's Kitsch Korner. All items are handmade by Linda herself, so every piece is unique. A medley of the cute, kitsch and unique! Art, Jewellery, Mini models, signs, doll house pieces, fridge magnets and much more. She also takes on any custom orders that you can think of to, just said her a message and she will be sure to put any ideas in a practice. Check out some of these pieces on her Etsy shop now .

We received two items a lovely sunflower clip and a doughnut on a tiny plate necklace, wrapped up nicely in tissue paper.

The sunflower clip is quite a large clip, I'm a huge lover of sunflowers and daffodils. I love how bright and cheery they are. I normally wouldn't put such a bright clip in her hair as I've alway felt dark slides suit her better and having bright orange hair already it would clash. The clip actually works really well. Beautiful hand made hair clips from polymer clay, hand painted in a variety of flowers. 

Rose - Choose your colour

Yellow Sunflower


The tiny doughnut on a tiny plate necklace is so adorable. Lexie calls it the Simpsons doughnut.  The mini cake on a plate is super cute, perfect for a quirky unique style.made out of polymer clay, hand painted on a tiny  real porcelain plate.

There are 3 varieties available (though you can request a custom one!) 

Victoria sponge
Chocolate swirl
Red Velvet


Lexie's outfit she is wearing today is a TU Sainburys top, this came in a pack of three and received them as a gift last year. The skirt is a lovely light denim skirt from Next, it has heart buttons going down the front and was a bargain from eBay under £5. The shoes are from H&M which Lexie got as a birthday gift this year from her auntie. 


  1. They are absolutely beautiful! I love the hair grips, at times like this I actually wished Leah would leave grips in her hair. Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

  2. Thank you for featuring my pieces, lovely article :) x

  3. Sooooo cute!! Syd would love the clip! #TT_Thursday