Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Tostadora Geeky T-shirt Review

I'm very partial to a character t-shirt, if I like something I will wear it even if its slightly childish or geeky. I'm always bought tops for the kids with their favorite characters on so they can be for grown ups too. 90% off my tops at the moment are horror based and it's not a great look for the school run. I do worry if I'm going to frighten the life out of a small child. So when Tostadora got in touch to review a new t-shirt I thought it would be great to balance my wardrobe out a bit. 

Tostadora.co.uk is the ambition of two friends become reality. Albert and Ivan met during their Erasmus year in Helsinki. Today, they lead a group of young, creative and motivated people, and have several branches in Europe, including one in Paris. The printing studio is based in Barcelona.

I had so much of a dilemma to decide on just one design the women's section is huge and I did pin it down to these selection which I loved everyone one of them. Couldn't help to fall for a few horror designs too.

  I finally went for a mash up of Frozen and Big Hero 6. Both films which my children enjoy, plus it had that tongue in cheek humour. 

At first I wanted the light blue, but it was suggested as it's mainly a white print that the darker blue would make it stand out better and it does. The t-shirt is good quality it's a lightweight material and it fits well. It doesn't cling to the tops of my arms which I find a problem with lately. 

I can't fault there customer service as the first top I received was washed and worn once and I got a hole somehow. The second top has been worn three times and washed so far without a problem. I think I will be ordering a few more for summer, they are great priced with a massive collection to choose from and most t shirts come in a huge amount of different colors too.

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