Friday, 12 June 2015

Shabby Geek Box Review

As June is my birthday I have gone slightly wild on some subscription boxes. If you have read previous posts you will know that it's been slightly hit and miss with them. Most have left me rather disappointed.  The only one I've been happy to receive is my Horror Block. I've mentioned before I'm limited to my geekiness as its just not me at all. I first came across Shabby Geek in a subscription box group and they gave always looked decent quality and not a bunch of pound shop tat. When they launched an express ( make you own theme) box I knew that this could be the chance to get a really awesome box. 

The express boxes are £25 and you can pick your own likes and themes. I chose Supernatural, Silent Hill, Ghostbusters & Horror. The added bonus with Shabby a Geek is there is quite a few handmade items which gives it a uniqueness to any other box out there.  

I knew it was going to be great before I opened it and I was delighted with the contents. 

First item was M&M's in peanut, I don't think there is a better flavour is there? 

Silent Hill mug - I'm a massive fan of the films and the nurses are my favourite character too, so I'm very happy with my new mug. 

Pyramid Head mousemat - I don't have a mousemat at the moment do its a useful item to be included, love the design. 

Ghostbusters tote bag - I normally have quite a small handbag, so I normally roll up a plastic bag and pop it in. There has been a number of times when the kids come out from school with loads of stuff and I could do with a bag. So I always carry one around now. This has been popped in there and replaced the plastic carrier, plus tote bags are so handy in general.

Ghostbusters Funko Pop Vinyl - I was really worried about this because I have most Supernatural, Horror and some Ghostbusters. I know sometimes Shabby Geek do there only exclusive pops which can have glitter on etc too. I have got the Dr Peter Venkman Funko on the metallic version, so I was happy with the standard one. He fits in well. 

Supernatural T-shirt - I know I did a post a while back about how most of my tops are black/dark navy and most of them would scare the daylights out of children on the school run. The shirt was a lovely green subtle supernatural one which only fans of the show would be able to pick up. 

The last item was a Horror cuff - I will be totally honest and say it's something which I won't wear. I don't normally wear cuffs as I don't like anything to tight around my wrists. The print itself it's pretty cool as it has all the old horror legends on there. **** EDIT - Just been informed that the cuff is actually a can cooler, that makes sense now as i did think it was a pretty thick width for a cuff hahaha **** 


  1. I knew i had seen this photo before! I've spoken to you a couple of times on the Boxes of geeky goodness fb page. I've followed your blog for a while now and never clicked that it was you haha!
    Love the Shabby Geek boxes, i should be getting mine today, so excited!

    Lulu Xx

    1. Haha I do this all the time, will check and follow you out now.