Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Schleich DC Comics Figures Review

I've been really excited for this coming myself, I love anything to do with the Joker he is  my favourite DC character. Raiden enjoys anything to do with DC/Marvel and has a bit of a geek shelf going on. We all collect Funko pop vinyls and he decided on anything to do with superheroes. I have always been a huge Schleich fan for figures as they are slightly pricey but they are made well with great detail. I'm not surprised at all Schleich have branched out with superheroes especially with the new Justice league film coming out.

There is two scenery sets Batman vs Joker & Superman vs Darkseid. We received the Batman vs Joker set to review. 

The Joker is the most feared of all the villains in Gotham City. He terrorises the people of the city with his vicious machinations and he has only one goal: to seize the power for himself. Only one can prevent this: Batman, the dark hero of Gotham City. For this, Batman has to muster all skills and knowledge available, because the Joker is not only very dangerous, he is also extremely clever. Batman has repeatedly risked his life to fight him, all to save Gotham City.

We loved the detail on the figures, they are study and made well. The base of batman was a bit thin. I would of liked it to be a bit thicker and heavier. I suppose it's thinner to allow movable play with little hands. 

There single Justice league figures have only a few characters at the moment so I hope they are going to build on that maybe some of the women figures would be a great add on too.

RRP- £15.99 

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