Monday, 22 June 2015

Pop In A Box - June

Sadly no Lexie unboxing this month, as she been poorly so I didn't think it was right to film her this time. She did help unbox them as usual though. I mentioned in my post last month, I had upped my subscription to 6 pops this month, due it being my birthday. I knew no one would buy me any pops for my birthday, just incase I had them already or preordered.

My subscription this month was AMAZING

This is our 3rd Pocket Pop tin from Pop In A Box now, in the past we have received Frozen & My Little Pony. My son collects DC so he was thrilled with this set. 

We have wanted Zero for a while and he fits in perfect with our collection. Still looking for a Major but he is mega hard to get hold of. 

Star Sapphire Wonder Women has been on my list for a while, although Raiden did try and claim it earlier as it is DC. 

Blue Lantern - The Flash - I didn't realize I had thumbed this up, but again Raiden has welcomed him with open arms.

Leviathan Castiel is awesome and I now have all the Castiel's until the French one comes out in July. 

Bride Of Frankenstein - Glow in the dark - I'm really pleased with this one as she is a really cool character. I do like the glow in the dark variants. 

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