Tuesday, 23 June 2015

My Ten Things That Gave Me A Smile This Month

Totally forgot about this Linky last month but my previous one before that was here http://www.trialstribulationsofabrummiemummy.co.uk/…/ten-th…
 I'm linking up with A Cornish Mums Blog where you link up any Ten Things you can think off. Sometimes I find it hard to source a positive out and I just need a reminder of how much positive things are going on around me. Sometimes just the simple things can make you turnaround.

1 - Wax tarts, after my melt crowd subscription I really can't believe I didn't try them sooner. I think I prefer them than candles now.

2 - Overnight Oats - These are perfect for a energy burst in the morning and so simple to do the night before.

3 -  Hannibal - I'm so happy it's back on, it's slightly strange and confusing in some parts but it's a fantastic show. 

4 - Last year I managed to pick up some Roald Dahl books for £3 off a local selling site. Raiden hasn't been Interested till a few weeks ago and so far we have read George's Marvellous Medicine & now The Twits. It's been really nice to share a story together then him carrying on and reading himself then telling me after what's happened. I hope it starts his love for reading. 

5 - My daughters drawings, my daughter wouldn't pick a crayon up before she started Nursery she loved to paint and get messy by drawing was something she didn't like. She has come on so much and now can draw a person with arms, body and legs. 

6 - Summer scents - D&G The One &  Harajuku Lovers Love, both are very summery scents. 

7 - Preparing activities for the summer holidays, I can't believe it's going to be a few weeks then   They have over six weeks off. We are playing a trip down to London, the beach and a water park.

8 - June as its my Birthday, I've got lots of lovely gifts this year clothes, perfume, trainers, bags, & money. 

9 - Sorry but I'm going to mention the C word ( Christmas) I got my daughters main present already as it had a huge saving. Reduced from £70 to £35 then I had an Amazon voucher for £10. So it cost me £25 in total.

10 - Lately I've been saying no to a few opportunities, I'm trying to work on a steady workload so I'm not too bogged down with working about my blog. I'm trying to do some different content and I'm working on my photos and writing. 

A Cornish Mum


  1. That bike is just gorgeous, my fantasy bike as a child! I'd need the same one with stabilisers now though as I have no balance at all and can't ride a bike! Sounds like a good month hon, thank you for linking up again!

    Stevie x #TenThings

  2. Amazing bike! When things are that good an offer its silly not to snap them up, I really need to start keeping an eye out for xmas gifts! #tenthings

  3. I cannot believe you have started Christmas shopping already. You are really putting me to shame! I'm still finishing sorting out Noah's Birthday (next week). I'm never that organised! We're big Roald Dahl fans here too, my husband, Chris, reads them to Charlie xxx Love Noah & The Girls #TenThings

    1. I know, but it was just too much of a great deal to not snap up. Lucky we have a big loft. Hehe

  4. You have Christmas presents too I'm not completely mad! And what a bargain loving it x #TenThings

    1. Haha I know, people want to eat you alive when you say I've already started. If they are great deals it's to much not yo pick them up.

  5. I've heard a few people raving recently about the wax tarts/melts. Clearly I'm missing a trick here - I'll have to try them out!

    Yes, summer is nearly here, woohoo! If you need any local tips for visiting London, feel free to give me a poke :)

  6. Those overnight oats looks delicious. I am not a breakfast person (although I know I should be!) I would definitely fancy eating that in the morning though xxx

  7. Oh my god, that bike is a bargain! You have got willpower not to give it to her till Christmas, that's like 6 whole months to go! Aren't you tempted to give it now? I know I'm crap at keeping presents a secret and just give it, then we wrap it again for the occasion haha! #TenThings Sabrina xx

  8. Aw love the books, I love Roald Dahl books, they are timeless!! #TenThings xx