Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Gumtree UpCycle Bloggers Challenge #UpcycleRevolution

I was delighted to be picked as one of 20 bloggers for the Gumtree bloggers challenge. The project has been set up as part of Gumtree’s support for National Recycling Week (June 22nd – 25th) and in particular the National UpCycling Day – June 24th. The challenge was pretty simple buy an item from gumtree and upcycle. 

There was three challenges to choose from. 

Challenge One
Create a piece of living room furniture or a functional storage item.

Challenge Two
Create a storage item for jewelry, makeup or accessories for the bedroom.

Challenge Three
Create a storage item or functional item for the garden.

It was the first time I've used Gumtree and I was surprised how easy it was to use, you pop what you are looking for, the area you are and how many miles up to for searching for the item. The seller was very helpful with the sale. I'm a non driver and even though I was happy to catch the bus to the seller, he delivered the item free of charge to me. Which was a real help, so I didn't struggle. The item isn't very big but it would of been  if the bus was full. 

Initially I was going to go for some sort of perfume display with a shabby chic style. Then I thought about the content of my blog and what my children would of liked and what would of made my life a little easier when they was smaller. 

The constant building of train tracks and how tempers used to flare when they couldn't get the right bit on or the track laid flat. Then while playing they would bump the track and it all would come apart. Hence my idea of a train track table. It keeps the track all in one place and no pieces will ever go missing. I wanted to extend my idea with more development of imagination, so I decided to paint the table with chalkboard paint. Which then can be used for writing or drawing. The chalk could also be used to draw different scenes going around the track. So one day the train could be in the jungle, next under the sea or maybe in space.

The table was in pretty good condition so it only sanding slightly then two coats of chalkboard paint on top. The train track and the wooden items was stuck on with uno glue. I left the legs as they was as everyone I asked said they was fine how they was and the black and white when together well. 

Once we’ve finished the UpCycling process our products will be showcased at the exclusive bloggers Upcycling event on Tuesday 16th June where expert UpCycler Max McMurdo will select his favorite item. 

After the event the item will go back on Gumtree to be sold and the money raised is going to charity! 

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