Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Flamingo Candles - Melt Crowd Review

I've always said a candle subscription would be amazing, although I wouldn't want to pay a fortune to burn wax away and the worry of the glass breaking in the post. If you are a reader you know I'm a massive Yankee Candle fan. I love a good strong scent but sometimes the price can be a bit off putting. I like to have a different scent burning each day so I like to have at least 5/6 candles on the go so I can pick and choose and that soon adds up. 

I've wanted to try wax tarts for ages, I know quite a few people have ditched candles for the wax tarts as they are cheaper and there is so many different scents, you can't really go wrong. One of my friends shared a post from Flamingo candles and there new subscription box melt crowd. I've wanted to try Flamingo candles for ages and just never got around too it, I like the classier simple square look of their candles. 

The melt crowd subscription is £10 and the first month you sign up you get a free wax burner they are simple designs and perfect for burning the tarts. Along with the wax burner you get 8 different scents to try, then every month after that you get another 8 scents. 

The parcel was the best smelling parcel I've had for a while and I was surprised with different the scents was, so of the scents I wouldn't of thought went well together but they really do. I made the mistake of putting a whole wax tart in the burner, I think next night I will cut it down in to half or quarters. 

Scents I received :

Thai Lime & Mango
Sweet Lime & Cedar
Freshly Mown Grass
Mango & Dragonfruit
Piña Colada Cocktail 
Juicy Clementine
Tropical Coconut Milk & Honey

Each melt lasts up to 30 hours which is fantastic value when you think you get 8 every month. I a sucker for anything coconut so the Tropical coconut milk & honey was first in and within about 15 minutes the room was filled with an amazing scent. 

* Disclaimer - Thoughts and opinions are my own, I never received a sample for the review I've signed up myself to the subscription. I just wanted to share this fab new subscription box* 

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