Friday, 12 June 2015

Ever Wanted To Be The Face Of A Perfume Fragrance

Check out the great new  competition Cosmopolitan have launched, Upload your picture for a chance to become 
the face of our new Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Female fragrance. This is your chance to represent the magazine and a chance to have
 your face launched everywhere in September! They are looking for three females that are fun and fearless 
to be there #CosmoFace

Any self-respecting beauty junkie knows the importance of fragrance. A spritz of your favourite scent can transport you 
anywhere in an instant – to that dream holiday in the sun to prepping for that seriously fun night out with your friends. Remember 
spraying your first ever perfume and how grown-up it made you feel? Or the scent your mum (or best friend) always wears – and 
how happy it makes you. So if you’re a fun, fearless female who loves all things beauty, perfume, and of course, Cosmo, 
then we want to hear from you. 

To help us judge their entries, they have enlisted an expert judging panel, with experts from Cosmo, Jigsaw, a global 
beauty company and creators of the Cosmopolitan fragrance, and perfume-retailer Boots. Together, they’ll choose the three strongest 
entries to become the faces of Cosmopolitan The Fragrance. 

Go on, what are you waiting for - Click Here To Enter

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