Thursday, 25 June 2015

Dinosaur Necklace From Ji Ji Kiki Review

Ji Ji Kiki is a lovely independent website which was founded in by a lovely lady named Emma. Its based on a love of vintage, retro and all things a little quirky. She began just selling a small line of her handmade kitsch jewellery. Since then the website has grown to include homewares, vintage and kawaii jewellery, bags, hair accessories and clothing from indie designers from around the world.

I'm a massive fan of anything random and quirky, my sense of style my other half would say looks like I've got dressed in the dark with my eyes closed. I don't wear much jewellery but when I do it's normally bold and unique. Ji Ji Kiki asked me to review one of there new ranges of animal necklaces, there was a choice of Elephants, Dinosaur, Origami Fox Face, Origami Squirrel or Running Fox. 

I've always been fascinated with anything Dinosaur I think they are amazing creatures, so many sizes and types. After watching Jurassic World last week I couldn't resist the little Dino.   

The necklace itself is so tiny and adorable, very simple and elegant. It's actually the total opposite of what I would normally wear, I've had a few comments already with how dainty it is. I've really fallen in love with how pretty it is. 

The website is amazing and I've done a little collage of my favourite things that caught my eye while browsing. I think I'm gonna have to snap up the T-Rex necklace with my birthday money, it's too fabulous not to own.

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