Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Wax Vs Hair Removal Cream With Veet

I posted a poll in a beauty group on Facebook on how women deal with unwanted hair on their legs. The results didn't surprise me in all honestly as I fall in to the top voted one myself. Here are the results.

Shave - 30 
Wax -2
Cream - 1
Epilate -2
Laser -1

I've always shaved as its pain free, non messy and quick to do. The only problem is it doesn't last long at all, within a day or too you get that annoying prickly stubble back. So when Veet got in touch with me for a review, I was keen to see how wax and cream compare to shaving. They sent me some products from their new Natural Inspirations range.  Here is Veet's guide to Hair Removal .

Veet Natural Inspirations Hair Removal Cream 

I did a sample test 24 hours before just to make sure it wasn't going to bring me out in a rash.

The cream was super easy to apply you use the smaller side of the spatula outside end to smooth the cream out, the box says leave for 5/10 minutes. I have thick hair so I decided to leave on for the full 10.  The smell reminds me when you walk in to a hairdressers and someone is having a perm. I think the smell has improved as when I use it before it smelt awful. After 10 minutes you scrap down using the bigger side of the spatula and the hair should come off easy as well. I was surprised how good the hairs came out it only left one stubborn one.  My skin feels really smooth after and there was no irritation.


• Formulated with grape seed oil of natural origin
• Leaves your skin moisturised
• Dermatologist tested
• Refreshing fragrance inspired by nature

Box Contents

  • 1 x 200ml Tube
  • 1 x Spatula
  • RRP £6.99 
Veet Natural Inspirations EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit 

The wax kit was really easy to set up, you pop the wax inside the roller. Plug the charger in and sit it in the stand. Wait 20/30 minutes for it to heat up. To test if the wax is not enough roll on to a piece of paper if it rolls out evenly it's ready. Roll on the wax in the direction the hair grows. Pop a waxing strip on the wax, hold your skin as taut as you can and pull as quick as you can. I really didn't like the wax, apart from being super painful. It didn't seem to leave a smoothness like the cream. Plus it left bits of wax that I had to re go over with a waxing strip. You only just 12 wax strips so if you wanted to do both your legs you would have to purchase more, as I used two just on the one part of my leg. 

• 90%* from natural origin
• With shea butter of natural origin
• Keeps wax at the right temperature
• Ensures clean and even application
• Easy to use. Long lasting results
• Dermatologist tested

Box Contents

  • • A self heating device and its cap 
  • •A base to hold the device
  • •An electrical cable
  • •A 50ml roll-on wax refill for use on legs & arms
  • •12 non woven strips
  • •4 Veet Perfect Finish™ Wipes
  • •An instruction leaflet

RRP £29.97 

What do you think excuse my hairy legs. Cream on the left and wax on the right?

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