Thursday, 7 May 2015

TeaTox From Slimming Solutions

I've been on a bit of a getting fit mission for about 6 weeks where I'm moving more and eating less. I woke up about 6/7 weeks ago and was disgusted with myself how much weight I had put back on. I dusted my WiiFit board off and started to walk a few times a week with hoping that I wouldn't have to start buying the next size up clothes as the ones I have I was bursting out off. 

Slimming solutions had got it touch about trying a TeaTox. Ive actually wanted to try some of these for a while. I personally only normally drink tea with sugar and milk and the odd squash. I know I don't drink enough but I rarely get thirsty. 

Teatox works by combining a unique blend of unique tea formula's, a daytime plus an evening blend. These teas are designed to work in harmony with your body to help get rid of unwanted toxins, resulting in a full body detoxing effect. 

Made from a delicious blend of natural & herbal ingredients Teatox is designed to gently cleanse the digestive system and detoxify your body, as well as boosting metabolism and reducing cravings.

The daytime blend you make with hot water ( not boiling) and have it as soon as possible after you wake up, leave it to infuse for a few minutes before drinking. You can add a bit if honey or lemon to taste. I was quite surprised on how it tasted, it was pretty mild and went down pretty well. I've tried herbal teas in the past and nit been impressed but as this was quite mild it wasn't bad to drink. The first few days I got a few headaches and felt quite sick. I'm not 100% this was the Teadox kicking in, me coming down with something or the lack of morning sugar. 


Chinese Oolong tea (38%), Siberian Ginseng (20%), Fennel (10%), Lemongrass (10%), Nettle leaves (8%), Ginger root (5%), Dandelion leaf (5%), Ginseng root (2%), Salvia miltiorrhiza (2%). Naturally sugar free with no artificial additives.

The evening blend you have every other night before bed and at least 30 minutes after your last meal of the day.Add one tea bag to a cup of hot water ( not boiling)and leave to infuse for 2/3 minutes before drinking.You can us honey and lemon to flavor too. The evening blend is stronger than the daytime one, it isn't extremely bad but i did leave it till it was luke warm so i could drink it in two goes. It may cause a mild laxative effect for the first few days and I did get that dude effect. I was expecting it as I know my body did need a huge detox and it did what it said it would.


Senna leaves (20%), Hawthorn leaves (20%), Lotus leaves (14%), Fenugreek seeds (12%), Burdock root (14%), Peppermint (8%), Psyllium seeds (8%), Valerian root (2%), Liquorice root (2%). Naturally sugar free with no artificial additives.

I was doing the TeaDox for 13 days and I've lost 3lbs. I've noticed my jeans are looser and I think combined with my exercise its a great boost. I've not felt really tired and I've actually been pushing myself a lot more. So I think the TeaDox has really helped me along.

RRP - £19.99

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