Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Swashbuckle Magazine From CBeebies

Got to admit Swashbuckle is the only thing I can now tolerate on CBeebies. The pirate game show reminds me a bit of Funhouse that I used to watch when I was younger. Theme of the show is to win Gems treasure back from the naughty prates by doing tasks. There is also a song and dance salute that you can join in with too, which I think is a great touch as it learns children to learn new actions and songs. 

This brand new pirate themed magazine is packed full of fantastic activities to help little one learn. 

Included inside are colouring pages to develop fine motor skills and recognizing colours.  Puzzles to keep the mind busy and engaged. Puzzles to keep them on their toes. Pirate dress-up, special Swashbuckle quests. Stories to read and share. 77 cool stickers to fill in the blanks and decorate in the magazine. 

There was also a few cool free gifts included your own treasure coloured gems, a spinner to choose your swashbuckle name. We got Matey-No Beard hehe. Then your very own pirate hat! Magazine is jam packed with loads to do, perfect for any Swashbuckle fan. 

Out today 13th May, priced as £2.75

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