Monday, 4 May 2015

My Bingo Memories Why We Love Bingo (And You Should, Too!) With

I think everyone had a memory of playing Bingo. I know when I was smaller I loved playing with my little sister. We used to have a Bingo machine that turned the balls around then they would rattle and click together then pop out one by one. We used to take it in turns to turn the handle and we would play for hours. We would use my moms Bingo dotter pens to make the numbers off. We had so much fun playing together. I think it's one if the few times we actually got on and never argued. Plus we would always see who would shout BINGO the loudest. 

Nowadays times have changed and bingo sites are popping up left, right and centre. With us being in the technology world it's gone digital too so you don't even have to leave your front room to play now. I have quite a few that on my personal Facebook account that have won a pretty penny with low deposit amounts,  I’ve seen endless bingo websites being advertised displaying a multitude of different offers to tempt you to pop on and have a game. I've been confused myself which sites to go for and all the different deposit amounts. 

I came across an online bingo review site called . This is a different site compared to the normal bingo sites as these help you to find the best deals on sites. They have done the hard work for you and gathered every online bingo site they could get there hands on! The unique comparison site allows you to compare new bingo sites, free bingo sites with a no deposit bonus and the best bonuses available for when you decide to make a deposit. All sites have been tried and tested and are safe and secure.

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