Friday, 29 May 2015

Monchhichi - A Best Friend For Over 40 Years

I know when I was younger Monchhichi  was all the rage and I was never allowed one, I used to love their little cute faces and soft bodies. Bandai have been appointed the Monchhichi distributor in the UK for 2015 and beyond. It's new collection launched in April. Along with new designs, new styles and new outfits. 

The original Monchhichi character was born in 1974 in Japan. Created by Mr K Sekiguchi. Owner and president of Sekiguchi Co Ltd, he developed a ' human like' monkey doll who sucked his thumb to become everyone's friend and to deliver messages of peace and love around the world. 

The name Monchhichi comes from the French word " mon petit" = ( my small small thing) + the hint of "mom" from the English word monkey + the sound of sucking on a pacifier like " chu-chu" in Japanese. All together it gives us  "Monchhichi". 

Monchhichi has won over fans for decades and generations, uniting a broad audience ranging from children of all ages , both boys and girls, to young adults. Today more than 70 million toys with accessories have been sold in over 40 countries. 

The new range has something for everyone from mini Monchhichi keyrings 10cm in size and 4 different designs to collect. £8.50

To classic 20cm Monchhichi logo bib with 3 to collect. £18.00

Fashion Monchhichi which come dressed in stylish and themed outfits, which are 20cm in size. £20

Sleeping Monchhichi, 20cm in size boy or girl. £20

Mother care with a purple dress and matching baby 20cm in size. £25

 Pyjama boy comes with an adorable teddy bear, also 20cm in size. £25 

There is also super sized Monchhichi too, which are 45cm and come in the designs boy, girl and mother care. £79-£80 

Then a boy and girl is the 80cm huge size. £200 

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