Sunday, 3 May 2015

Exclusive Products Available At Superdrug

 I am a massive fan of Superdrug at the moment especially Superdrug's Own Brand range of cruelty free products for everyday essentials. There own brand is completed cruelty free and have not been tested on animals. They also have no animal ingredients included, so they have a massive thumbs up for me. 

I got asked to test and try some exclusive products that Superdrug sells and got a lovely hamper sent out packed with exclusive goodies to try out. 

The contents are below : 

Leader Detox Smoothie 
Scholl Luxury Pedicure Set 
Sliver Line Complete Skin Beauty
LighterLife Fast Vegetable Soup
Barefoot Foot Soak & Foot Scrub 
BareBar Apple & Cinnamon
Lighterlife Meal Replacement Bars - Chocolate Peanut & Chocolate Raisin
Smile Makers The Tennis Coach   

Got to admit I was having a bad day before I received this and one item had me in giggles. I'm going to start of with this item as when I got the item out the box I actually thought it was a toothbrush ( I don't recommend you do brush your teeth with it though).  Smile Makers The Tennis Coach is a personal massager. I didn't even know Superdrug sold vibrators and they have a whole collection of Smile makers. The Frenchman, Tennis Coach, Millionaire Maker & Fireman. 

RRP- £34.99 

If you follow my Instagram, you would of saw that I've been on a TeaDox. I'm really trying at the moment to give my body a detox. The Leader Detox Smoothie powder contains versatile mixture of fruits, berries, herbs and plant-based proteins as well as vitamins and minerals. The colour itself is a bit off putting and the powder can be mixed with water, juice or yogurt. I chose water and quite surprising it tasted really nice. I think I may pick up a few more of these when I pop in next to Superdrug.

RRP- £1.99 

I've heard of the 5:2 diet and LighterLife products before the LighterLife Fast Vegetable Soup was really tasty and slightly thicker than a cup of soup. I love mug soups and often have one for lunch anyway when I'm not feeling too hungry. The Lighterlife Meal Replacement Bars - Chocolate Peanut & Chocolate Raisin was very rich and heavy the flavours was nice and went well together. I think they would be suitable if you was in a rush and didn't have time for breakfast or lunch while you are on the go. They have an offer on buy 6 products and get one free. 

Soups are £7.99 for 4 & bars are £2.49 each. 

BareBar Apple & Cinnamon bar - BareBar is a natural snack bar made only from pure, nutritious fruits and berries. The product is suitable for anyone who values healthy, wholesome, tasty food – from toddlers to grannies. Free from lactose, glucose, additives and animal-derived ingredients, BareBar is the perfect choice for those with dietary restrictions.

RRP- £1.29 

Silver Line Complete Skin Beauty is one of 5 products in the SILVER LINE range. It is a revolutionary blend of traditionally functional herbal ingredients combined with emerging beauty super-ingredients: get your body health boost and your beauty boost at the same time!

COMPLETE SKIN BEAUTY is a 28 day supply of tablets and capsules – take one tablet and two capsules daily with meals: one Vitamin/Mineral/Herbal tablet, one wheatgerm capsule and one argan oil capsule. The benefits of combining the ingredients mean that your daily healthy zinc, selenium and vitamin C requirements are met (with the herbal tablet) while your beauty regime is being enhanced with supplementary skin-loving ingredients. Your overall health and well-being is essentially double-dipping!

RRP- £14.99 

Scholl Luxury Pedicure Set - I actually have the first Scholl electric file that they bought out years ago. I've had to buy quite a few replacement files for it, but I use it all the time and even more now it's coming up to summer and sandal weather. The electric files are so much better than a standard foot file and they also do all the work for you. I am always amazed how much skin dust comes off every time I use it. 

RRP- £24.99 ( in the sale) 

The last items was Barefoot Foot Soak & Foot Scrub. I've used Barefoot in the past and its divine they have pretty unique scents that they muster together. The foot soak I add to a bowl of warm water and leave my feet in for 5-10 minutes. The scent is a sweet plum smell with a hint of peppermint. Then finish off with the foot scrub this was the same scent plum and peppermint, the scrub itself is a good small grain and works well on leaving your feet lovely smith and pampered. 

Foot Soak - RRP- £4.25 & Foot Scrub RRP- 0.99p 

Just wanted to say thank you to Superdrug for letting me try and test this goodies out. It's nice to have treats for me for a change. 

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